Posted by: QQmei | December 12, 2014

Possible Sites for “Fragile- Handle with Care”

There are many possible Sites for the 2015 Art Project, including all shallow areas in the wetlands as well as open spaces in the village. We welcome your creative proposals to help Cheng Long Village and Wetlands become better!!

Please check the full CALL here:

Remember the deadline for proposals is January 16, 2015.  You can post any questions here on the Blog or email the Curator at . Looking forward to seeing your proposal! 🙂



  1. Thanks for sharing these images of possible sites. Are there additional sites we could see images of beyond the wetland and temple yard? Also, is it permissible to propose to paint some of the natural materials? Finally, are you open to accepting projects that are ephemeral and (very) temporary in nature (i.e., something more akin to “land art” that would last for, say, a week?
    Thank you for your time.

    • Dear Ann, Thank you for your questions, and I am sure other artists are also curious about these things. There are other sites in Cheng Long village where artists can choose to put their artworks, and we will make all the final decisions about sites when all of the artists chosen are there together with the curator and staff of the Foundation. You can see the vacant lot that is used for some community garden area and a recycling area sometimes. This is also on the Blog, and there are also park-like areas in the village and fences and vacant houses that might be possible. It is best if you make a proposal that could fit in several different kinds of sites maybe and remain flexible about the specific spot. The wetland areas are easier to see and imagine and there are many spots here for artworks. It is possible to use paint and we encourage paint that is not bad for the environment and especially in the wetland area it should be biodegradable and not harm the fish or birds or other wildlife. If it is in the village areas and not the nature preserve area the paint could even be some recycled paint that we could maybe find at the recycling center, and it would not have to be biodegradable or eco-friendly, but for this art project we do want to make people aware of alternative paints that can be good for the environment. About the temporary projects, for this project we do want to have artworks that people can enjoy and come to look at for one year at least, and then if in the nature preserve area they can recycle naturally into nature, and if in the village the artwork can be removed and the people can recycle the materials at the recycling center after one year. The very ephemeral works (one week or less) could be part of the installation and maybe done on the opening weekend with public participation activities and be a part of the sculpture installation of the artist. I hope this answers your questions and please email me if you have more questions or if anything is not clear. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing your proposal. Best wishes, Jane Ingram Allen, Curator

      • Thanks, Jane, for all this info. Lots to think about!

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