Posted by: QQmei | February 17, 2015

Documentary of 2014 art project

Hello, Dear ALL,

Let’s look back what we have achieved in the 2014 art project, and look forward to the 2015, a better Chenglong wetlands and village. Happy Chinese New Year!!!  🙂
讓我們一起回顧2014年的藝術計畫,也期待2015,一個更好更讚的成龍村及溼地.祝大家  新年快樂喔!!!
(“來去海口住一個月”環境藝術志工   熱情召募中, 3/2截止, 趕快來報名: )


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  2. This was a very nice video of the art project for 2014. It was nice to see all that goes into each project and how the outcome is. Everyone looks like they are having such a good time while they are creating.

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