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歡迎助理策展人>> Introducing New Assistant Curator — Isabelle Garbani

Hello Everyone,
I am happy to announce that artist and curator Isabelle Garbani, originally from France and now living in New York City, will be the new Assistant Curator for the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.  As all of you know I started this environmental art project in the village of Cheng Long, Yunlin County, in 2010, and have worked with the Kuan Shu Educational Foundation and the people of Cheng Long area for 6 years organizing and curating this project.  Now, I am thinking that the art project in Cheng Long needs some fresh curatorial ideas and energy, and I believe that Isabelle will bring her own unique curatorial vision and ideas to this continuing art project.
各位,我很高興要在此宣佈,出生於法國、現在住在美國紐約的藝術家及策展人Isabelle Garbani將成為我們成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫的新助理策展人。如各位所知,我從2010年開始協助雲林縣成龍村的這個環境藝術計畫,和觀樹教育基金會及成龍此地的人們一起合作籌備及策劃這個藝術計畫已經第六年了,現在,我認為應該要讓這個藝術計畫有新的想法與能量,我相信Iesabelle將會帶來她獨特的策展觀點及想法給這個持續進行中的藝術計畫。


I selected Isabelle as one of the Cheng Long artists in 2012, and many will remember her installation of hundreds of colorful leaves crocheted from recycled plastic bags that seemed to be engulfing an old house in Cheng Long village.  Since then Isabelle has continued to do other residency projects and curate art projects in the New York area.  She has even begun taking classes in Mandarin Chinese language so that she can communicate better with people in Taiwan.  Isabelle has been working with me behind the scenes for the past few months to learn more about the curating process and providing input about the proposals and helping to research about the artists who have applied for the 2015 art project.
Picture 214

During the residency time in Taiwan this year from April 9 to May 4, Isabelle will join us in Cheng Long and continue to help with the curating and management of this art project.  I am sure she will be a big help and a joy to work with, and so please join me in welcoming Isabelle back to Cheng Long.


Isabelle was teaching children reading the message on the plastic bag.

Thank you so much, and see you soon in Cheng Long,

Jane Ingram Allen, Curator

BIO of Isabelle Garbani:
After working for 7 years as a commercial digital artist, Isabelle returned to graduate school where she received an MFA in sculpture from the New York Academy of Art in 2004. She now works in mixed media, using feminine crafts such as knitting, crochet and lace with recycled plastic shopping bags used as thread.

She has worked on many public art projects which engage the community directly. Among her installations are Knit for Tree in Governors Island in New York City in 2011, Knit for Trees in Heckscher Park in Huntington, Long Island in 2012, Forces of Nature at the Carving and Sculpture Center in Vermont in 2011, and Invasive Species for the Cheng-Long International Environmental Art Project in Taiwan in 2012, and for the 2014 Farm/Art Dtour in Reedsburg, WI. She is currently working on Post War Blues, which will be installed at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Brooklyn, NY in the fall of 2015.
她曾經參與過許多社區型的公共藝術計畫,包括2011年及2012在紐約及長島的「為樹編織」、2011在Vermont雕刻及雕塑中心的「自然的力量」、2012在台灣成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫的「入侵種生物」,以及2014年在威斯康辛洲的農場與藝術D tour計畫。她最近正忙於新作「戰後憂鬱」,這件作品將於2015年秋天在布魯克林軍事航空站展出。

In the past 5 years, she has started curating gallery shows in the New York City area, and is becoming more involved with this aspect of her career. The Cheng Long residency is a perfect mix of her current interests: environmental concerns, community engagement in public art, and international cultural exchange. Her work can be seen on her website You can also email her about her past experiences in Cheng-Long at



  1. Congratulations to Isabelle, I’m sure Cheng Long project will gain more attractivity and recognation on the international art scene and Keenlung project will be able to grow up aswell! As I already had the chance to meet and exhibit with Roger Rigoth, I already know that a master piece will take place into the village this year!

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