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來自藝術家的問候>>2015 Artists Say “Hello” to the Children at ChengLong Elementary School-2

Message to children from Roger Rigorth
Roger Rigorth給小朋友的信

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello children of the Cheng Long Elementary School. My name is Roger Rigorth from Germany, but born in Switzerland with French roots. That’s why I have a French Name. I am 50 years old and for the last 25 years I am traveling and working all over the world. I love to work with wood because I love the trees and the forest. In your country i will work with Bamboo. I also work very often with rope and love to weave with it. I live in an old traditional timber frame house in Germany.
成龍國小的小朋友們,大家好!我的名字是Roger Rigorth,來自德國,但其實我出生於瑞士,並帶有法國的血緣,這也是為什麼我有個法國名字的原因。我現在50歲,在過去的25年裡,我都在全世界各地旅行及創作。我喜歡用木頭創作,因為我喜歡樹和森林。在你們的國家,我將要用竹子創作。我也經常使用繩索為材料,很喜愛繩索編織。我住在德國傳統木框架的房子裡。
Erik auf dem Dach


Message to Children from Tsuneo Sekiguchi
Tsuneo Sekihuchi ( 関口恒男) 給小朋友的信

tsuneo portraitHello.
I am Japanese artist Tsuneo Sekiguchi.
My work is to make rainbows.
The statue sitting next to me is Rainbow-head.
He is a baby and meditating and he reflects a rainbow from his head.
I am looking forward to making rainbows with you soon.

I am attaching a photo with this email.
Best wishes,
Tsuneo Sekiguchi





我是日本藝術家Tsuneo Sekiguchi


祝 好


 “Hello” message from Chao-chang Lee to the children

朝倉 獨照大家好,我是李朝倉。也是雲林縣出生長大的,現在也住在這裡,我家鄉就是西螺。




Hello everyone, I was born in Yunlin County. My name is Lee ,chao-chang. I was grew up here and now live here, in Siluo town.

I have traveled the world looking for a beautiful place; a decade ago I returned to my  home town and discovered that here is the most beautiful. Yes, So I found an abandoned army camp(where the soldiers were protecting the Xiluo Bridge before), After cleaning a lot of garbage, my friends can play a variety of games here; I teach you or you teach me and so on….. Here is like an interesting school.

Want to know what we are playing in this game?

Please remember to ask me secretly that question when we meet. Oh, because I usually do not tell anyone the secret.


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