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號外 >> Curator Jane will create an artwork in Cheng Long this year!

Curator Jane Ingram Allen will create an artwork in Cheng Long this year!

As all of you know, Jane has been the Curator for the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project since it began in 2010, and she comes to the village each year during the 25 days of the art project to supervise the selected international artists.  Usually Jane has no chance to make her own artwork during the art project.   Most of you know that Jane is also an artist as well as a curator, and that she first came to Taiwan in 2004 as a Fulbright Scholar artist in residence to do her artwork with handmade paper from plants of Taiwan.    This photo shows Jane in 2004 with one of her “Taiwan Site Maps” that focused on the many flowers of Taiwan.

jane with Floral abundance site map copy

This year, Jane will have some time to work as an artist as well as working as the curator.  During the 2015 art project Jane plans to create a “Cheng Long Site Map”, and she will make handmade paper from local plant waste materials and use other materials collected in Cheng Long to create a large-scale suspended two-sided artwork that can be moved around to different sites in the village.  Jane will involve the local community in the papermaking process and have an open studio so that people of all ages can join in the papermaking.  Jane’s Cheng Long Site Map as well as the community handmade paper artworks will be displayed in Cheng Long Village at a selected site and remain on view in Cheng Long.
今年,Jane在策展之餘,將會有比較多的時間來從事藝術創作。Jane打算在2015藝術計畫的同時,為成龍村創作一幅「成龍區域地圖」,她將利用成龍在地的植物和附近可以尋得的回收材料來製作一幅大尺寸且可雙面觀賞的地圖作品,未來也可以移動到村子的各處展出。Jane將會需要在地的大人小孩一起來幫忙造紙的過程,也會有個開放的工作室空間,歡迎各位一起加入造紙的行列。Jane 和大家一起創作出來的地圖和手工紙作品,將會在村內一處廢棄的老房子裡展出,以後大家到成龍來,都可以看到這件作品。

Here are some photos of Jane’s previous “site maps” artworks created in different residencies around the world using handmade paper she created from the local plants.

This photo shows Jane’s “Bali Site Map” created during a 2008 residency at Bali Purnati Center for the Arts, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Bali site map front 1

This artwork is Jane’s “Tanzania Site Map” created as an artist in residence in 2009 at Warm Heart Art Tanzania, Arusha, Tanzania in Africa.
接下來這張照片是2009年Jane在非洲坦尚尼亞,一個位在阿魯沙市的藝術中心”Warm Heart Art Tanzania”所創作的「坦尚尼亞區域地圖」。

Tanzania site map back

This artwork is Jane’s “Chiayi Site Map” created as an artist in residence in Chiayi, Taiwan, during her Fulbright grant project in 2005.

Everyone is invited to come out to visit with Jane and join in the papermaking process for the Cheng Long Site Map. We will post soon where Jane’s studio will be in Cheng Long and what times Jane will be there for the Open Studio public participation.


  1. All the best for this years project, how exciting that Jane finally gets to present some art as well as curate. I wish we were coming back again so we could see it. It is still very special to us that we have been able to come and visit twice. we love following online each year
    Peter, Sonya, Duncan and Briony Fraser in New Zealand

    • Dear Peter, Sonya, Duncan and Briony
      We hope you can come to visit us again as well.
      This year, we will have visitors from USA, Korea, Philippine and they will stay in a new accommodation in Chenglong. Next time when you come back to Chenglong, we can arrange the new accommodation for you, too.
      All the Best

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