Posted by: igarbani | April 14, 2015

The Artists have arrived!

The artists have arrived and were greeted on Friday morning by the school children with wonderful songs and ukulele!



welcome party group with officialsWe had a great welcome party on Saturday night, and the head magistrate of Yunlin County and several officials from the county and local government were there as well as many people from Cheng Long village. The artists enjoyed all the food that was brought to share and then made presentations to introduce themselves and what they will make in Cheng Long.
Welcome crowd

On Sunday we took some time to learn about bamboo. The artists and volunteers got a demonstration on how to make a stool by a bamboo master. He uses his toes to hold the bamboo, and can make a stool in less than an hour with very little measuring.



Chao-Chung then invited us to his art camp, which is an old Taiwanese army camp that he cleaned up 10 years ago, and now uses as his studio and as an art community.


The artists then tried to make the same bamboo stool as the bamboo master.


The volunteers also worked with bamboo to get familiar with the material.


I think Yu-Chan is a little worried here…


The artists ordered new bamboo for their projects on Saturday, but we are close to the shore so we can also get a lot of drift wood which can be used for the art installations.



The driftwood and old bamboo poles collected is then rolled down the seawall, and the local sanitation workers help us bring it back to Cheng Long.




Tsuneo finds one more piece of drift wood…


The drift wood is in our courtyard, and the artists are now ready to work!  Keep checking this Blog for photos of the works in progress by the 2015 Cheng Long artists:  Christopher Varody-Szabo, Roger Rigorth, Marisa Merlin, Tsuneo Sekiguchi, and Chao-chang Lee.

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