Posted by: igarbani | April 20, 2015

Where are the past works now?

The artists making work for the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project very often use natural and biodegradable materials so the art is ephemeral and eventually disappears. This philosophy about art and ecology highlights the fragility of our environment, and addresses issues of sustainability. The 2014 theme for the residency was “Fishing for a Better Environment”, and artists made their work on or near the villagers’ fishing huts. The selected artists for 2014 were: Joaquin Fargas, Kathy Bruce, Katie Surridge, Maurice Meewisse, Thierry Godet, and Yen-chen Wang (LaLa).

A year later, the artwork is doing very well, and here are some photos taken just a few days ago.

Joaquin Fargas, “Space for Purification”  The windmill is still working, but the water purification system is no longer working because of a problem with the pump bringing water up from the canal.  


Kathy Bruce, “Big Fish Through Wall”  The tail of the fish is still looking good, and the head of the fish was blown off in a bad typhoon.  


Katie Surridge, “Changes”:  The recycled bottles mural is still looking good, and also the fish murals made by children working with Katie.  The garden bench and sculpture installation are still there, although a little worse for wear.  The garden looks great, and the owners are taking good care of it now.



Maurice Meewisse, “Hut”:  Maurice’s “folly” hut still looks good, and also his bridge of recycled materials is still being used.  Most of the other repairs he made to fishing huts are also still looking good.


Thierry Godet, “Entre Deux”:  The oven of local clay and bricks is still there and still looks useable, but I am not sure if people still cook in it.  This artwork has been covered a few times with plastic during heavy rains and typhoons.


Yen-chen Wang (LaLa), “Hopes Hide Inside”:  This artwork still looks good and the plastic is holding well.


 Keep watching this Blog for updates about the 2015 Cheng Long artworks now in progress.  The 5 artists for 2015 are busy creating sculpture installations of natural and recycled materials in the Wetlands and in the village.  The opening will be May 1 and public activities with the artists will be May 2 & 3!  

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