Posted by: igarbani | April 24, 2015

It’s getting better all the time!

The artists have been working hard through the cold, then the hot sun, some thunderstorms, and back to the hot sun. The proposals are coming to life which is an exciting process to see. This year, we also see a lot of people coming out to help during the day, both young and old. Here’s a photo diary of what the progress has been in Cheng Long the past two weeks:

Tsuneo and his volunteer Da-pu spent a few days making bamboo nails in front of the temple:


They are working in the temple courtyard, which gets a lot of sun, so they made a temporary shelter to take breaks from the sun:


The children come out to help:


Christopher started making trusses out of bamboo:


After a few days, Christopher and his volunteer Pei-chen also moved to the temple, and started working on putting the cart together:


I think it’s ready for a test drive!


Marisa works in the wetlands, so it’s important to have some area of shade to take breaks throughout the day:


Marisa’s volunteer, Da-mao and a lot of villagers work very hard to fill bags with oyster shells that get delivered daily!


A local grandmother was kind enough to let Marisa use her sewing machine so she could sew bags made from recycled clothes:


Roger worked in the courtyard of our dinner house for a few days while the final placement of the artwork was decided, but eventually, he and his volunteer A-mei moved the work in progress to the bird blind, where they can enjoy the most spectacular sunsets and a constant refreshing breeze:



Some of the children come out to help after school… along with their bird (flying tiger!):


Oysters also get delivered to Chao-chang’s site. His volunteer Yu-wen is quickly becoming an expert:


Young and old come out to help, and have made so many oyster “strings” that Chao-chang’s work site has become a large wind chime… very pleasant…


The dragon is taking shape:


We are a week away from the press conference! The work is looking very good!

If you are in or around Cheng Long, come out and help the artists finish their beautiful installations!

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