Posted by: igarbani | April 30, 2015

We are ready!

The artwork is ready!

The press conference is tomorrow morning May 1, 2015 at 10 am in front of the temple in Cheng Long.


This year’s theme is “Fragile – Handle with Care”, a warning usually stamped on packages that contain fragile goods. We wanted to focus on the fragility of the environment, and have the artists make installations interpreting the theme. All the artists worked very hard for the past 21 days, and we are grateful and thankful for their talent and efforts. The children and villagers of Cheng Long came out daily to help the artists, for which we are also grateful and thankful. The entire community is involved in the process in small and large ways which is wonderful to see and experience.

If you cannot come to Cheng Long to see the art in person, here are the latest photos of the finished installations. We hope you enjoy the art as much as we enjoyed making it for you!

Christopher Varody-Szabo: “Living Landscape”

Christopher made a miniature Eco-system on a rolling cart. He will have a parade tomorrow with the first and second graders. Here they are rehearsing diligently the parade route.



Chao-chang Lee: “Dragon Heart”

Chao-chang created a dragon from oyster shells that stretches from the solid ground to the wetlands… and becomes the water of the wetlands. You can enter the body of the dragon and feels its powerful energy…



Marisa Merlin: “Earth”

Marisa is from Padua which has been experiencing terrible floods lately. Her artwork spells “Earth” in Chinese characters made from sand bags which are typically used to contain flood waters.


Roger Rigorth: “Water Core”

Roger has created tall bottle forms made from bamboo. They are close to 8 meters high! He wants to focus on the importance of protecting water sources.


Tsuneo Sekiguchi: “Rainbow Boat”

Tsuneo is interested in qualities of light. He has made a bamboo boat where metal pans containing water and mirrors continually make rainbows on its sail.


The exhibit opens tomorrow with our press conference in front of the temple. We will have DIY activities with the artists this weekend, and we hope you can join us in celebrating Cheng Long and the artists who have made the village a very special place to be. QQ-mei sums it up:



  1. I see your artist have done an amazing job. Each design is so different from the other yet it looks like they all had fun using bamboo. I love them all!

  2. What a wonderful range of projects this year, they all look amazing. They are all so different and yet fit the brief perfectly, as always we would love be able to come every year to see them. It is so exciting that this project just keeps going every year, long may it continue

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