Posted by: QQmei | March 15, 2016

來自藝術家的問候>>Hello from Elena

Elene (KaSo) (66)

Hello everyone 🙂
I’m Elena Redaelli and I come from Bosisio Parini, a small village in Northern Italy. I’m currently living in Norway in a beautiful city called Stavanger.
哈囉,大家好!我是Elena,我來自義大利北部的一個小村落Bosisio Parini。現在我住在挪威一個很漂亮的城市,叫作「史塔萬格」(Stavanger)。

Image 1

I like to travel and discover different cultures, different landscapes, try different foods and see with my own eyes the weirdest and cutest animals.
Image 2

 Every country I visit, combined with my own roots give new inspirations to  my work.

Together we are going to look around us in Cheng Long natural environment in search of plants and water creatures we like, that are beautiful, funny or meaningful to us; something special we can look at and learn from.

We are going to make drawings and use our imagination to build up small sculptures and invent our own new nature.

I look forward to meet all of you and to have fun while creating together.


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