Posted by: QQmei | March 17, 2016

來自藝術家的問候>>Hello from Chris Lee

I’m Lee, Kuei-Chih, born in Tuko town of Yunlin county. I have another name – “Chris”.

I like to make large-scale natural installation artworks outdoors. It is always a happy thing when you work with the nature, and you also accumulate a lot of experience in the process.

I usually use local materials to create my work, because reducing the journey for the materials to travel, as well as reducing the journey for our food is important for me.

Each place has its unique background and story. This artwork is called “2046 Relic”, and it is an imaginary scenario for the future.There are a lot of bridges to the future, so I need a lot of wood to build it, and what will the new bio look like?

Let us create the next 30-year picture of it!

IMG_8016 (Large)

IMG_8052 (Large)“Guiding the Sand / 沙引”  by Chris Lee




  1. Hi Chris. I look forward to seeing you again.

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