Posted by: QQmei | March 19, 2016

來自藝術家的問候>> Hello from Claudia

retrato 2013
I want to say HELLO!

I live in Buenos Aires, the capital of my country, Argentina.  We are in the south of South America, looking to the Atlantic Ocean.  It is a city of 5 million people living there, but during the day we have 8 to 10 million people. We speak Spanish. I learned English at the high school.  My studio and house is located in the historic and touristic San Telmo neighbourhood, where foreigners come to learn the tango dance.
我住在布宜諾斯艾利斯(Buenos Aires),這裡是我的國家—阿根廷的首都,位在南美洲的南部,面對著大西洋。這是一個有500萬人居住的城市,但是在白天卻有高達800萬到1000萬人在此活動。我們的語言是西班牙文,我是在中學的時候開始學英文的。我的工作室和住家位在歷史觀光景點San Telmo附近,許多的訪客到這裡來學習探戈舞。

I am a sculptor and also a professor of art. The subject of my sculptures is usually the nature. I love to teach and discover new ways with my students, and I hope I will discover many new things and ways of living with you. I love the nature and to observe the trees and animals.  We are worried now in my country because of the global warming, as we are converting step by step into a tropical country, something we have never been before.

I want to encourage you all to help me with my work, covering the petals of my flowers with local natural materials.  You are all welcome to create a legend about my works.

Hope to see you soon and enjoy being together.
期待能早日見面,和你們在一起 🙂



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