Posted by: QQmei | March 22, 2016

A Proposed artwork from the Villagers


In the wetlands, there is a way which used to be the ridge of fields and also the route to farming land for villagers. 30 years ago, a typhoon called Wayne hit Taiwan and brought sea water into the village, flooding the route and the farming land. The water never goes away, so the farms were gone and left only in memories. So the wetlands and its avian ecosystem have become the new landscape, and the villagers have learned to accept the change and live with nature. 30 years later, on this way, we would build up a bridge for people getting closer to the wetlands. The bridge and its reflection on the water would form a circle, symbolizing fulfillment and harmony of humans and environment. The bridge would lead to a platform where people could observe the birds and also enjoy the scenery. Walking into the wetlands, people could feel a connection with the nature and the birds, with whom to live and to share. When we learn to cherish the environment, we could create a different future for Cheng Long.



ps. 為了在藝術家駐村期間亦能協助藝術家們的創作, 目前部份村民已開始著手進行這項作品的材料收集與前置作業, 待竹材到齊, 天候好轉, 就會趕快動工!!



  1. How exciting that the villagers are also involved in the process of creating an artwork this year, we look forward to seeing it develop and come together over the coming weeks.

    • Hello, Dear Sonya, Peter, Duncan and Briony,
      Thank You sooooo much for always following us on the blog and FB.
      You are always the most welcome to visit us again and to see the changes of the village.
      Best Wishes

  2. Looking great! Thank you for making this artwork in Cheng Long Wetlands!

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