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2016 Art Project Begins

Jane and Chris meet Elena at Yunlin StationThe 5 international artists selected for 2016 arrived in Cheng Long on April 7 to begin the art project. The 5 artists are Chris (Kuei-chih) from Taiwan, Amar from Mongolia, Elena from Italy, Justin from Canada and Claudia from Argentina. Curator Jane from USA and her husband Tim are also spending the 25 days, April 7 to May 2, in Cheng Long for this year’s art project. This photo shows Jane and Chris greeting Elena at the Yunlin HSR Station.



It has been a very busy time getting the 2016 art project started. We went to Cheng Long Elementary School on Friday to meet the children and had a wonderful welcome performance from the students in grades 1 to 6 at the school. This photo shows the younger kids doing a welcome song and dance for the artists.

Children's song and dance at school to welcome artists







We had a Welcome Party at the Cheng Long village temple courtyard on Saturday evening, April 9. The food was great and everyone enjoyed meeting the villagers and guests. The artists made short presentations for the audience after the dinner. Here’s a group photo on the temple steps at the end of the Welcome Party.

everyone after welcome party on temple steps








Artists took a tour of the Wetlands with the curator, staff and volunteers to select the final sites for each artwork, and we also found a place that each artist can use as a studio or working space nearby. In this photo the artists, curator and volunteers are walking out into the wetlands to check out a possible site for Chris’s artwork.

artists, curator, volunteers walk to look at possible site for Chris's artwork







We took a trip to Xi-Lou town in Yunlin County to see the studio of 2015 Cheng Long artist Chao-chang Lee and had a wonderful natural lunch cooked by the artists and volunteers. We also visited a bamboo master in Xi Lou to learn some bamboo working techniques, since bamboo is a new material for all these artists except the Taiwanese artist Chris. This photo shows Claudia trying out the bamboo splitting tool.Claudia splits bamboo pole with special splitting tool

That evening the artists and volunteers also got to experience the crazy Matsu Festival in XiLou. Next day we went to find recycled and natural materials that artists could use to create the 2016 artworks. We went to the nearby recycling center where artists found some interesting materials. This photo shows Chris and Amar sorting through some possible recycled things to use as materials.Chris and Amar check for materials at the recycling center






We also went to the nearby seashore where there is lots of recycled bamboo washed up on shore from old oyster farming platforms. This photo shows Justin, Amar and a volunteer gathering recycled bamboo at the seashore. The other photo shows the artists and volunteers pushing the large bamboo down the concrete embankment at the seashore to be loaded on a truck from the recycling center and brought to Cheng Long village where the artists are working to make the 2016 artworks.

Justin, Amar and volunteer collect big bamboo driftwood poles at the seashoreartists and volunteers slide bamboo poles down the concrete embankment at the seashore

The 2016 artworks will be created from all recycled and natural materials that are biodegradable and that can go back into the nature preserve area of the wetlands without harming the environment. We will be tying with natural rope and using bamboo nails and other eco-friendly ways of constructing the large-scale outdoor sculptures. This photo shows Elena looking at some local natural plant fibers for possible use in her artwork.

Elena checking local plants for possible fibers to use in her work









A big “Thank You” to all the volunteers who work so hard every day with their artist to build the artwork and also help with translation and understanding the local culture.

Please look at previous posts to see the sketches of the artworks to be made in 2016. Hope everyone can come to the opening weekend on April 30 and May 1. Keep checking this Blog for more posts to see the progress on the 5 artworks being made for the 2016 art project on the theme of “Meet the Future in Cheng Long – the Next 30 Years”.

Photos on this post are by Timothy S. Allen (


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