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2016 Artworks Taking Shape in Cheng Long Wetlands

All of the 2016 artists are working very hard now in Cheng Long Wetlands creating their large-scale environmental sculpture installations on this year’s theme of “Meet the Future in Cheng Long – the Next 30 Years”.

cutting bamboo in the rainIt has been very rainy with a big downpour of heavy rain just about every afternoon. Now there is much more water than usual in the wetlands, and that has made working conditions for the artists a bit difficult. All are coping with the weather well and finding a way to get started making the proposed sculptures. Thanks also to the wonderful volunteers for all of their help.






Here you can see Justin Tyler Tate from Canada now living in Finland, and his volunteer Molly putting the first of his “Raft Roofs” into the water of the wetlands with the help of some other volunteers.  Justin will build two more “raft roofs”, even larger than this one. Now they are putting in the floor and adding more to the structure, but wanted to get it moved into the water first so it would be not too heavy to move easily. These floating sculptures will be very impressive in the vast expanse of water in the wetlands.justin and volunteers putting in first raftIMG_036552






amar and volunteers unload bamboo in wetlands


In this photo artist Amarsaikhan Namsraijav from Mongolia and his volunteer Phoenix are moving his large recycled bamboo poles collected at the nearby seashore to the wetlands area where he will construct his sculptural carts inspired by the nomadic culture of Mongolia. You can see that his site near the entrance to the wetlands is full of water now, but we hope the land will dry out after the weather gets sunny for a few days.


Artist Claudia Aranovich from Argentina is building sculptural flowers for her installation using bamboo as a material for the first time. She and her volunteer Yu-chen are making a minimum of 3 large flowers that will be installed in the shallow water and some spots of land in the wetlands. Here shows the beginning of the first flower, and Claudia plans to make the others larger.claudia begins flower constructionIMG_044968









Elena Redaelli, 2016 artist from Italy now living in Norway, is building her installation in many parts that will be installed on the bird blind building. She and her volunteer Yenz have many helpers including school kids and villagers to create the wetlands-inspired animals and plants for her artwork. Elena is using many fiber art techniques and a variety of natural and recycled biodegradable materials found around Cheng Long.Elena and volunteers creating together








Our Taiwanese artist for 2016 is Chris Lee (Lee Kuei-chih) from Taipei, and he is creating his bridge-like sculptural creating starting from a traditional fishing hut building that is no longer being used. He and his volunteer Gigi are using driftwood and recycled bamboo and other found materials, and the sculpture is growing out of the building, over the water and reaching up to the sky. Chris even used one old wooden chair in his artwork for that was part of Ya-chu Kang’s giant table artwork “Reservations” she created for the 2014 art project in Cheng Long.chris lee artwork coming out of hut


In 2016 a team of Cheng Long villagers is also creating an artwork. Their work titled “Bridge to the Future” is made with all biodegradable materials and techniques and is really strong and sturdy to provide a way for visitors to go further out into the wetlands. Here you can see the construction in process.villagers artwork in progress IMG_949236






jane talks with guest from UK Yasmine & LukeIMG_018429

Curator, Jane Ingram Allen, USA, is also staying in Cheng Long during the 25 days of the art project to help the artists and volunteers finish all the artworks for the opening on April 29. There will be public activities with the artists at each site during the weekend of April 30 and May 1.

Keep checking this Blog for updates on the progress of the 2016 artworks. Photos here are by Timothy S. Allen (


  1. It’s great to see the projects coming together. Hope you get some good weather.

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