Posted by: janeingramallen | April 20, 2016

Progress on the Artworks for 2016 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project

The weather has been much better recently in Cheng Long village, Yunlin County, Taiwan, and we are all happy there is no more rain these days and a lot of the water is drying up.  The artists and volunteers have continued to work very hard to get the environmental artworks finished by the opening on April 29.  The public opening activities will be during the weekend of April 30 and May 1, and each international artist will have some sort of DIY (Do It Yourself) activity at their site in the wetlands to engage people and chat with visitors.  Watch this Blog and our Facebook page for more information and details about the opening weekend activities for the 2016 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.

The artists selected for the project this year are making works on the theme “Meet the Future in Cheng Long – The Next 30 Years”.   For this year’s art project we are happy to have Amar from Mongolia, Claudia from Argentina, Elena from Italy, living in Norway, Justin from Canada, living in Finland and Chris Lee from Taiwan.  This year for the first time a team of Cheng Long villagers is also creating an artwork.

Here are some photos of each artist’s work showing the progress they are making.  A big thank you to all the hard working artists and the volunteers.  Also, to the many volunteers and children in Cheng Long village who come out to help the artists.

Elena on 4:19 IMG_162161 Justin on 4:19IMG_160055 Amar detail on 4:19 IMG_157650 Amar on 4:19 IMG_157049 villlagers artwork on 4:19 IMG_154744 Elena detail on 4:19 IMG_154343 Chris on 4:19IMG_150534 chris detail on 4:19 IMG_149130 Claudia on 4:19 one flower IMG_145923 Claudia detail tying on 4:19 IMG_144221 Elena detail on 4:19 closer IMG_140611 Amar detail on 4:19 IMG_13897 Jane and Amar talk in wetlands on 4:19 IMG_13836 bird on Justin's roof raft IMG_122652 many working together to move Justin's 2nd raft IMG_116244 villagers detail on 4:18IMG_098016













Keep watching this Blog to see the finished artworks!






























Photos here are by Timothy S. Allen (  This art project is curated by Jane Ingram Allen ( from USA.  Jane first came to Taiwan in 2004 with a Fulbright grant and has lived and worked as a full-time resident in Taiwan from 2004 – 2012.


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