Posted by: QQmei | November 27, 2016

MUST LOOK – 2016 Art Project Documentary Film

Hello, Dear artists,
Here is the documentary of the 2016 Chenglong Wetlands International Environmental Art Project, we believe that you can get some ideas about the art project and the site in the film. Please be sure to have a look before apply the 2017 project.  Looking forward to your proposals~ 😀

不要忘了在參與2017成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫提案前,好好觀賞這部2016成龍溼地國際環境藝術節的記錄, 相信可以幫助您更了解這個計畫, 以及獲得在此區創作的想法. 期待您的是提案~ 😀


  1. Inspiring

    • Thank You, waiting for your apply 😀

  2. great film and some fascinating footage… too bad the tall bottle people that looked so royal standing up evolved by the storm..into reclining Herny Moors… they should have been left that way.

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