Posted by: janeingramallen | January 24, 2017

感謝提案〉All Proposals Received for the 2017 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project

img_4303Thank you to all the artists around the world who submitted a proposal for the 2017 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.  The deadline was January 20, and the curator received proposals up until it was no longer January 20 anywhere in the world.
謝謝來自世界各地所有參與〈2017成龍溼地國際環境藝術節–愛行動, 愛改變〉徵件的藝術家們。 我們的徵件已在1月20日截止, 策展人也確實待件到世界各地時間轉換到1/21為止。

There were more than 181 proposals this year, and the curator will post the statistics about the entries on the Blog soon.  We are beginning to look at the proposals carefully and starting to make the selections for 2017.  We hope to have the artists selected by February 20, 2017, and the curator will email everyone who submitted to let them know the results soon after Feb. 20.
今年我們共約收到181件的提案, 待策展人統計完成後, 會儘速在部落格上公告。目前我們正一一檢視著所有的提案資料, 從中逐步篩選出進入決選的藝術家。我們預計在2月20日告知所有參選藝術家徵件結果, 並作出獲選藝術家公告。

The selected artists will come to Taiwan for the art project in Cheng Long village, Yunlin County, Taiwan, from April 13 to May 8, 2017.
獲選藝術家將在2017年4月13日~ 5月8日進駐成龍村, 和村民孩童共同進行創作。

Keep checking this Blog to get more information about the selection of the artists for 2017.
敬請持續關注這個部落格, 看看誰將成為〈成龍溼地國際環境藝術節〉的2017藝術家!



  1. Youth Development Link Initiative (YODELI) Uganda is just curiously waiting for their call to send their representative to cheng long wetland art project 2017

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