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來自藝術家的問候>>Rob say HELLO to children

Sculptor Rob Mulholland in his studio in Aberfoyle near Stirling Scotland.Hello to everyone in Cheng Long!  My name is Rob Mulholland and I am a contemporary artist living in Scotland in the United Kingdom. The area we live in has many mountains, forests and Lochs [ Scottish for Lakes ] which is great for hill walking and mountain biking in, especially during the summer months. Scotland is a small country with just under six million people, but it has it’s own unique culture and I look forward to sharing this with everyone in Cheng Long.
成龍村的各位大家好!我的名字是Rob Mulholland,住在英國的蘇格蘭,我是一個當代藝術家。我住的地方有很多高山、森林和湖泊(蘇格蘭語的「湖泊」叫做「Lochs」),夏天的時候特別適合健行、騎越野單車。蘇格蘭是一個人口不到六百萬的小國家,卻有很獨特的文化,我很期待跟成龍村的大家分享。

Since leaving Edinburgh College of Art  I have focused on making my sculpture work in the natural environment. I love the freedom of working outdoors and the challenge to create an artistic statement that reflects my love of nature.

I have been fortunate to make my sculptures in many different countries. It’s such a rewarding experience working in different countries and getting to know people from different cultures, sharing stories and getting an insight into each others worlds.

I am married to my wife Susan. We often work on projects together, particularly with school and community art projects and it’s really great to get the chance to travel together. We have one child who is called Arran, named after a very beautiful island on the west coast of Scotland. He is currently a third year student of International Relations at St Andrews University in Scotland and he shares our love of traveling. He hopes to work overseas with a charitable organisation when he graduates next year. Our other family member is our dog ‘ Mimi’ she’s a little grey Lhasa Apso and very cute and likes people, especially children and wants to play all the time.

Very much looking forward to meeting everyone in Cheng Long in April and building my sculpture with the community.

Warmest regards,



  1. Hello, welcome to Taiwan!

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