Posted by: QQmei | March 10, 2017

來自藝術家的問候>> Hui say HELLO to children

Hello everyone,
20160811_141959I am artist Hui. I was born and grew up in Taipei, and have lived in Kaoshiung and taught art in Taiwan. I want to grad school in the USA and have lived and worked there for 10 years. I am very pleased for the opportunity to work with you and the kids in Cheng Long Wetlands, and I can’t wait to jump on the airplane! I like both city and country, technology and nature, and love to try different things and learn from experiences.

My grandfather is living in Penhu, and my father grew up eating fish. He has to eat fish every day till now. Aquarium has been one of the household items in my family, I have one with tropical fish and shrimps in my house in New York, too. I enjoy watching them swimming and listening to the water flow. It is a link to my hometown. I can speak Taiwanese, Chinese, and English, so I can be your translator. The only thing is I got arcing when switching between Taiwanese and English so wait to watch the funny situation 🙂
我爺爺家在澎湖,爸爸從小吃魚長大,現在還是一樣每天必吃。家裡一直都有魚缸,連我現在紐約的家也養了一缸魚和蝦,可以常常看他們、每天聽流水聲,感覺和家鄉親近許多。 我會講國語、台語、和英文,所以可以充當大家的翻譯機!只是英文跟台語之間轉換常常打結,到時候不要笑喔!

If you are interested in knowing my work and myself more, please visit: . You can also follow me on facebook here: . I am also a columnist in Chinese language for 2 magazines, writing about cross culture life and art. You can find out more on my facebook page. I am looking forward to meeting and working with you!
如果你們想看看我做過的其他作品與更詳細的自我介紹,可以上網頁 ,也可以在臉書追蹤我的頁面。同時我也有寫兩個專欄,討論藝文生活方面的想法和資訊,都可以在我的臉書專頁找到連結。很期待跟大家見面互相切磋學習!


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