Posted by: QQmei | March 21, 2017

來自藝術家的問候-Inga say HELLO to Children

IngaBeing a mother of a nine years old boy and at the same illustrator of children’s’ literature,  I’m very interested in kids’ psychology and how to communicate with younger generation not affecting their minds, but to learn from them a lot. Especially learn how to be kind, respectful, joyful and free. Because YOU, Children, keep these pure emotions subconsciously and YOU have this very strength to act for PEACE.

After my happy childhood in a Soviet Georgia, there came a time (still now) when my Russian roots became unwelcomed in my country (because of a Russian-Georgian conflict). Moral fighting of society for democracy and independence became one of the main interests in my art.

Georgia is located at the crossroads of the Western Asia and Eastern Europe with population of three million people and the first Georgian tribes appear in written history in the 12th century BC. I have to mention that Georgian alphabet is one of the 14 existing alphabets in the world. The landscape is quite rich: mountains, plains, seaside so WELCOME to Georgia!

Now let’s get back to my profession again. After my graduation from State Academy of Arts I had a chance to travel and even volunteer with my husband for a month in Moroccan village, where we received an extreme experience and lots of good friends. We lived in a community and during the day we had wall painting workshops with local kids and had delicious dinner invitations in between. After these kind of experiences we learned how important is to value and live in love with environment. Friends, PRACTICE IT…



My son Saba turns nine on 12th of April, the date the date of my departure trip to Cheng Long Wetlands. At the moment he is busy at school, basketball, languages and especially at his aero-modelling classes. He is rather keen in all of my projects stuffs, so he made a HELLO drawing and wishes all the community to realize all of their dreams…….

hello from Saba

Hello from Saba (Inga的兒子Saba用圖畫和成龍村的大家問好)

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