Posted by: QQmei | March 24, 2017

來自藝術家的問候-Annechien & Gert-Jan say HELLO to Children

IMG_1202Dear All,

The Laboratory for Microclimates is an ongoing art project realizing art and film projects around microclimates. A microclimate is a small area that differs from it’s surrounding area. With these projects, we encourage people to change their social and ecological environment.

Annechien Meier is an artist and the central theme of her work is the communication between people in urban or rural environments. In her installations, she explores such landscapes and cityscapes, urban agriculture, studying how people live and work there. She lives with her friend Joost and her rabbit Mauro in The Hague.
Annechin Meier是位藝術家,她的作品主要在探討都市和鄉村的人們如何相互溝通。她常常透過裝置作品,來呈現鄉村跟都市的地景、都市裡的農耕,還有人們如何工作跟生活。Annechin現在跟她的朋友Joost還有她的兔子Mauro一起住在荷蘭的海牙。

Gert-Jan Gerlach is a filmmaker and a conceptual designer. After twenty years of working in television where he specialized in translating difficult messages into clear visual productions, he enlisted in the Laboratory for Microclimates four years ago. Gert-Jan is single and lives together with his cat Bonkers in The Hague.
Gert-Jan Gerlach既是位影像工作者,也是個概念設計師。他在電視台工作了二十年,擅長把複雜的訊息轉化成簡潔的視覺意象。Gert-Jan在四年前加入「微氣候實驗室」,他目前單身,跟他的貓Bonker一起住在海牙。

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