Posted by: QQmei | April 24, 2017

The 2017 ChengLong Art Project is in Full Swing 

The 2017 Chenglong Wetlands International Environmental Art Project “Take Action, Live with Change” has reached its 10th day. This year we have seven groups of artists creating their artworks around ChengLong Wetlands: Rob from Scotland, Inga from Georgia, Annechien and Gert-Jan from Holland, Piotr from Poland, Jane and Hui-Ying from Taiwan, and the Community Development Association from Chenglong Village.


4/13藝術家抵達雲林高鐵站,還巧遇雲林縣文化處副處長。The artists arrived at HSR Yunlin Station on April 13th and bumped into the Deputy Director of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Yunlin County Government

In the first week we spent some time preparing tools and materials. While waiting for the new bamboos to arrive, we went to the seashore to pick up driftwood bamboos. Since there are also several artworks to be set in the wetlands this year, the artists considered carefully about the load carrying capacity and buoyancy of old and new bamboos. They tested out different skills and techniques to make sure they can make sturdy structures.


到海邊撿竹子。口湖鄉清潔隊幫了很多忙。The cleaning squadron helped the artists to pick up and transport bamboos at the seashore

In order to acquaint the artists with the natural materials they are likely to use, we visited a bamboo master in Hu-wei to learn the techniques of making traditional bamboo furniture. The artists and volunteers also had a local tour to Yunlin Story House in Hu-wei, and celebrated the Matzu Festival with crowds in Beigang.

At the moment, all the materials and tools are ready. Every group has been working hard on their art creations. On April 20th, the artists conducted their first “ocean course” for the students of the 1st to the 5thgrades in Cheng Long Elementary School. The children were excited and curious about their artists. They asked a lot of questions with the volunteers’ assistance; some can even tell the characteristics of their artists’ hometowns because they have carefully read the “culture books” specifically made for each artist. In response to the kids’ enthusiasm, the artists also introduced their own culture, special food and games.

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Every year this art project has some routine schedules such as picking up artists at the train station, organizing welcome parties, helping the artists to collect materials and making artworks. This year we are fortunate to get very much help from villagers and the Yunlin county government, including pick-up service, arrangements of programs and food for the welcome parties, preparations for various facilities and tools, etc. For example, we got many tasty food dishes provided by Kouhu Township Office as well as by the villagers at the welcome party, which thus became an indigenous food show. In addition, there are more groups of artists than the past, and many of the artworks this year are large. Therefore we obtained more assistance from villagers than usual. In fact, every effort counts during the process. This also corresponds to the theme for the 2017 ChengLong Art Project “Take Action, Live with Change.” Just be the change you want to see. We’re looking forward to more people joining to help with the artworks in the following days!

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