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作品發表>> Photos of the 2017 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project Finished Artworks

The 2017 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project “Take Action, Live with Change” celebrated its inauguration with a press conference and an artwork tour on May 5th. The following weekend (May 6th to 7th) was the official opening in which all the visitors were welcomed to interact face-to-face with the 2017 artists to explore more about the ideas of the artworks. The volunteers of each group also helped guide the visitors to experience the creative activities prepared by the artists.

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We’ve got seven artworks around Cheng Long Wetlands this year. Six of them were created by foreign and domestic artists, and one was designed and made by the villagers of Cheng Long Village. Each artwork interprets the theme “Take Action, Live with Change” in different ways to encourage people to be active agents for improving the environment and learn to live with change.


The Cheng Long villagers created another artwork this year titled “Reborn” after “Bridge to the Future” made last year. ”Reborn” was established at the site where the 2015 artwork “Water Core” by German artist Roger Rigorth used to be, as a symbol of the evolution of life. This sculpture took the form of a sprouting seed and played with reflections. With proper lighting, it created a heart shape with its reflected shadow in the water. This artwork shows the villagers’ love for their homeland, and also works as a reminder to care for the wetlands.


Piotr Wesolowski from Poland created a sculpture installation titled “Follow.” It looks like a large undefined creature moving forward from the wetlands towards the village. The idea was to invite people to make changes for a better environment. The construction was composed of many triangle-shape bamboo structures, thus bringing special feelings of space and dimension.
來自波蘭的Piotr Wesolowski在溼地入口創作了「隨行」這件作品,形狀像是一隻正在前進的不知名生物,從濕地望向村子的方向,希望邀請大家一起同行,做些改變讓環境更好。這個作品是以一片片三角形組合而成,所以從內外都可以感受它帶來的特殊空間感受。

Rob Mulholland from Scotland created a big sculpture titled “Delicate Balance” in the water area beside the bird blind. He made a cube visually disintegrating, with the bamboo strips flying out representing a state of change. Rob believes that this artwork will naturally crumble over time, just like the dissolving image of the installation. He invited nature to take over afterwards to eventually reshape his artwork, thus celebrating change and embracing the inevitable.
來自英國蘇格蘭的Rob Mulholland在賞鳥牆邊的濕地裡裝置了一件大型的雕塑作品「微妙的平衡」,他以竹子打造出看似正在崩解的立方體,側邊飛散的竹枝呈現一種變動中的狀態。Rob認為這件以自然素材製作的作品必然會隨著時間解離毀壞,就如同此刻作品展現的消融感,他也歡迎大自然繼續接手,形塑作品的樣貌。透過作品,Rob想表達事物的改變是必然且值得歡慶的。


Hui-Ying Tsai from Taiwan created a crescent moon-shaped installation “Habitation #4- Cradle” at the shallow water area behind the grassy marsh. She placed many bird nests made of sisal ropes, oyster shells, and local plants from the Cheng Long Village inside the moon-shaped cradle. Many villagers and children also helped with weaving the nests, making the raft underneath the moon, and moving the installation into the water.

Inspired by the old custom of making sounds across the mountains in Switzerland, Inga Shalvashvili from Georgia created an installation “Act to Live,” located at the park facing the wetlands. This artwork plays with shape, color and sounds. People can make sounds through the bamboo pipes, which altogether make up the form of the sun. The installation was decorated with colorful recycled cloth strips. With these elements, Inga’s sculpture brings a little magic and vitality to the wetlands.
來自喬治亞的Inga Shalvashvili受瑞士空谷傳聲的古老傳統啟發,創作了一個兼具外型和聲音趣味的作品「行動人生」。這件雕塑位於村長公園,構造是太陽的形狀,人們可以對著各方向的竹管傳送聲響,竹管上裝飾著回收的彩色布條,為這件裝置增添魔力。


Jane Liou from Taiwan created her artwork “Con-text” with clay and bricks at the corner of the wetlands. She collected mud from different places in Cheng Long Village and then molded it into small houses using wooden moulds. Many kids helped to make these little houses. In addition to the installation, Jane led the 1st grade kids of Cheng Long Elementary School to draw their ideal homes during the “ocean course.” She made an exhibition of all the drawings by kids at the fishing hut near her site.


Annechien Meier and Gert-Jan Gerlach from the Netherlands, who formed a foundation called Laboratory of Microclimates, created an installation titled “Microclimate Life Line” near the water gate. They made bamboo rafts covered with green algae that grows in the Cheng Long Wetlands every spring. The line is in a zigzag into the wetlands, symbolic of a pathway into a greener future and also a diagram of nature.
來自荷蘭的Annechien Meier和Gert-Jan Gerlach以「微氣候實驗室」之名,創作了「微氣候生命線」,這件作品位於陰公廟旁的水門堤岸外,竹編結構上乘載了成龍溼地春天都會生成的海藻–石蓴,閃電的造型一路從陸地延伸到濕地裡,象徵著一條通往綠色未來的廊道,也是大自然的心電圖。


All the artists and volunteers left Cheng Long Village on May 8th. Thanks for their hard work during the 25 days in Cheng Long to make beautiful and meaningful art installations. The seven artworks are now on display outdoors. Everyone is free to visit them anytime. Let’s enjoy the changes around Cheng Long Wetlands and appreciate every little effort during the process.




  1. Great job everyone! All the artworks look wonderful this year. Thank you artists and volunteers and Cheng Long villagers!
    Best wishes, Jane

  2. Well done!

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