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徵件公告>>Announcing the 2018 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project – Call for Proposals from Previous Cheng Long Artists

2018 will  be the 9th consecutive year of the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project in the village of Cheng Long, Yunlin County, Taiwan. For this special 9th anniversary year we invite artists who have participated as selected artists in previous years (2010 to 2017) to submit proposals for creating a new environmental sculpture installation in Cheng Long.  The theme for 2018 is “What A Difference 9 Years Makes“, and the artists and the artworks will reflect on how the village and the environment has changed in 9 years.  The sculpture installations will use natural and recycled materials and be installed in the wetlands or in the village.  We also invite all of the artists and volunteers who have participated in previous years to come back for a symposium and reunion celebration in 2018.
2018年,在雲林縣口湖鄉成龍村所舉辦的「成龍溼地國際環境藝術節」 將要邁入第九屆了!我們想要在這特別的一年,邀請過去(2010年 ~ 2017年)的獲選藝術家再次提案,為成龍溼地進行一項新的創作。我們將「2018成龍溼地國際環境藝術節」的主題訂為:「What A Difference 9 Years Makes」(中譯:「作伙倒轉來!」,台語發音,「一起再回來」的意思),期待藝術家及其創作能反應出九年來村子及環境的變化。所有的作品都將使用天然的或回收的材料來創作,裝置地點可能在溼地或村子裡。我們同時也將邀請所有的藝術家及志工一起回來參與2018年的論壇及大團圓活動。

The 2018 Cheng Long art project schedule is as follows:

Schedule for 2018 Art Project
November, 2017 – Announcement of 2018 Call for Proposals and theme
2017年11月 – 公告「2018成龍溼地國際環境藝術節」主旨及開始徵件

January 10, 2018 – Deadline for Proposals for 2018
2018年1月10日 – 「2018成龍溼地國際環境藝術節」 截止徵件

February 8, 2018 – Announcement of Artists Selected for 2018
2018年2月8日 –  公告2018獲選藝術家

April 12 – May 7, 2018 – 25-day residency in Cheng Long for selected artists to create their artworks
2018年4月12日~5月7日 – 獲選藝術家駐村創作25天

May 5-6, 2018 – Public Opening of 2018 art project
2018年5月5日 ~ 5月6日– 開幕活動

May 7-10, 2018 — Say good-bye to children + break time, might arrange some trip for artists, and prepare for the symposium.
2018年5月7日~ 5月10日 – 和小朋友道別 + 休息, 可能安排藝術家參訪 + 準備論壇等事宜

May 11-14, 2018 – International symposium “Impact of Environmental Art on Communities” and a reunion with former artists, volunteers, children and community people
2018年5月11日~ 5月14日 – 「環境藝術對社區的影響」國際論壇

Spring, Summer 2018 – Environmental art workshops; details, dates and times to be announced.
2018年春、夏  –  環境藝術工作坊,時間、日期、詳情另行公告。

For more details, contact Chao-Mei Wang ( or Jane Ingram Allen (, and keep watching this Blog for more information.
更多詳情可與王昭湄 (或艾婕音(連繫,也邀請大家持續關注這個部落格。

We expect to have another OPEN CALL for proposals for the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project in 2019.

CALL for Proposals – 2018 Chenglong Wetlands Art Project 作伙倒轉來 ~:)


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