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獲選藝術家公告>>2018 Artists Selected!

We are happy to announce the international artists selected to come to Cheng Long in 2018 to create new artworks during a 25-day residency from April 12 to May 7 and also to attend the 9th anniversary reunion and symposium about “Environmental Art and Communities” to be held May 11 – 14. The theme for 2018 is “What a Difference 9 Years Makes”, and we invited proposals from all artists who have participated as selected artists in the years since the project began in 2010. 26 artists sent in proposals, and it was very difficult to choose only 6 from so many good proposals.
我們很高興在此宣佈〈2018成龍溼地國際環境藝術節〉藝術家獲選名單!!這些藝術家將於2018年4月12日~5月7日,利用25天的駐村時間,完成一件新的藝術作品;他們並且將留下來參與5月11日~5月14日所舉辦大團圓及環境藝術論壇。〈2018成龍溼地國際環境藝術節〉的主題是 「作伙倒轉來!」,我們邀請了從2010年至今的獲選藝術家再一次來參與提案,與我們共同回顧九年來的改變。要從26件優秀的提案裡僅僅決選出6位,真是件不容易的事呀!

The 6 artists selected for 2018 are:
4 wavesFirman Djamil of Indonesia who came to the Cheng Long art project in 2011 will create a site-specific sculpture of bamboo titled “9 Waves” for 2018. His waves will be coming from the water of the wetlands to bring more attention to the point of view from the water.
Firman Djamil來自印尼,他是2011年的成龍溼地藝術家,這次他將要進行的現地創作名為「浪花」(暫譯);這九道從溼地裡捲起的浪花,將為我們帶來不同以往的視野及觀點。

connectioncommunicationKaren Macher of Peru who came to Cheng Long first in 2011 will create a large sculpture called “Connections” for 2018 that will be constructed with bamboo and other natural materials to connect two fishing huts near the Cheng Long Wetlands. Karen wants to bring attention to the need to work together and make connections so that people around the world and in Cheng Long can make the environment better.
Karen Macher來自秘魯,她上次來成龍村創作是在2011年。這次,她將要到來的作品名為「關連」(暫譯),她將利用竹子等自然素材,把溼地邊的二棟魚寮透過作品連接起來!Karen想要提醒大家,彼此合作、關懷、連絡的重要,這樣環境才會變得更好!

Proposal 2 2Myriam du Manoir of France who came to Cheng Long for the first year of the art project in 2010 will make a large outdoor sculpture installation for 2018 called “Wings” that will be created with a bamboo framework and parts woven with reeds and recycled clothing. The wings artwork will bring attention to the many birds now making their homes in the Cheng Long Wetlands.
Myriam du Manoir來自法國,她是成龍溼地藝術計畫第一屆的藝術家。2018年,她將要在成龍溼地進行的大型戶外創作名為「羽翼」;以竹子作出框架結構,再以蘆葦和回收布料編織物作局部覆蓋。這件作品想要告訴大家,這九年來,溼地成為越來越多候鳥的家。

2,Sketch_RainbowTimeMachineTsuneo Seckiguchi of Japan who came to the 2015 Cheng Long art project will create an artwork titled “Rainbow Time Machine” for 2018. His artwork will consist of a large arc diorama of bamboo and natural materials that depicts an ideal landscape for Cheng Long. The artwork will have a prism to create rainbows on the faces of children and villagers who are invited to take photos there and experience the rainbows.
Tsuneo Seckiguchi來自日本,他是2015年成龍溼地的藝術家。他將2018年的作品命名為「彩虹時光機」。這件作品將會有一個用竹子作出的巨形半圓弧天幕,天幕裡有幅用漂流木等自然素材拼出的成龍村最理想的景色。藝術家將使用稜鏡創造出彩虹,邀請村民孩童來此拍照取景,讓彩虹投影在臉上。

2.提案作品Chris Lee (Lee Kuei-chih) of Taiwan who participated in the 2016 art project in Cheng Long will make a sculpture in 2018 depicting a large sea shell that also looks like the number 9. The word for the number nine in Chinese sounds the same as the word that means long and good fortune. He will use bamboo and oyster shells to construct this artwork in the shallow water of the wetlands.

design-3Ya-chu Kang of Taiwan who came first to Cheng Long in 2013 to make an artwork for the art project will create a new work for 2018 that depicts a very large QR code with a huge knitting needle coming out of it. The QR code will be made with oyster shells and the rest of the artwork with bamboo and other natural and recycled materials. She wants to bring attention to the need for new technology and nature to come together for a better environment.
康雅筑來自台灣,他在2013年首次來成龍溼地駐村創作。她的2018年提案是一只巨大的棒針,正在鈎織出一幅QR code的圖案。藝術家將使用蚵殼來填充出QR code的圖像,作品其他的材料則為竹材或其他回收物。她想要結合新科技來讓大家關注美好的環境。


We look forward to welcoming these artists back to Cheng Long and showing them all the changes in the community and the wetlands since they were there.  Keep watching this Blog for more information and photos about the 2018 art project in Cheng Long Wetlands, Yunlin County, Taiwan.
歡迎這些藝術家們再次回到成龍村,也期待重逢時大家能彼此分享在成龍溼地及成龍社區裡所觀察到的改變。請大家持續關注我們的部落格,以獲得更多來自台灣 ‧ 雲林 ‧ 2018成龍溼地國際環境藝術節的訊息及照片。


  1. Congratulations to all those chosen. I look forward to seeing you there.

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