Posted by: janeingramallen | February 24, 2018

重要公告》Marisa Merlin of Italy Now One of the 2018 Artists

Marisa Merlin of Italy who first came to the Cheng Long art project in 2015 will now be one of the 2018 artists. She is replacing artist Karen Macher of Peru because Karen is unexpectedly not able to come to Cheng long for the project. We are excited that Marisa will be able to join us in Cheng Long again from April 12 to May 15 to create her proposed artwork “9 Bridges.”
Marisa Merlin來自義大利,是2015成龍溼地國際環境藝術節的藝術家,也將成為此次2018年的獲選藝術家之一。她將會代替今年入選的祕魯藝術家Karen Macher,因為Karen礙於突發因素而無法前來參與。我們很高興Marisa今年能夠再次加入我們,來創作她提案的作品「九橋」(暫譯)。

Marisa will create an installation in the shallow water or on land in the wetlands that will be 9 bridges or arches that were inspired by the drawings of self-supporting arched bridges by Leonardo da Vinci who was in turn inspired by the Chinese bridges depicted in scrolls brought back to Italy by Marco Polo in the 1200s. The 9 bridges will be arranged in a circular shape and constructed with bamboo.

We look forward to the 2018 art project and welcoming all of these artists again to Cheng Long for the 9th anniversary year:

Marisa Merlin – Italy (義大利)
Firman Djamil – Indonesia (印尼)
Myriam du Manoir – France (法國)
Tsuneo Seckiguchi – Japan (日本)
李蕢至 Chris Lee  – Taiwan (台灣)
康雅筑 Ya-chu Kang – Taiwan (台灣)


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