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Jane奶奶和Tim爺爺要回來了!!〉〉 Curator Jane and Tim Coming Back to Cheng Long for 2018 Art Project

Hello Cheng Long!  Jane Ingram Allen, our curator, and Timothy Allen, her photographer husband,  are very excited to be coming back to Cheng Long village for the 2018 art project.  Jane is happy that this year she can meet the artists in person and be in Cheng Long village during the art project and symposium from April 11 to May 14, 2018.   It will be really great to see all the changes in the village and to see how the children have grown up.  Jane has been there during the art project every year since it started in 2010 except for 2017, and she perhaps more than others can recognize how much Cheng Long has changed.  We will be talking about that more during the symposium May 11-13. Tim will again be taking photographs for the art project.  We will enjoy getting to meet many old friends and see all the children again to talk some more English and maybe improve our Chinese!   In this recent photo of us, you can see how we’ve changed, more white hair for Jane and less hair for Tim!

2017 was the first year that Jane and Tim did not come to Taiwan since she first went there in 2004 with the Fulbright grant.  Jane and Tim stayed living and working in Taiwan until August 2012 when we moved back to the USA and settled in Santa Rosa, California, to be with our two grand-daughters Emily, now 10 years old, and Sarah, now 8 years old.
Jane除卻2017年沒有在台灣外,她從2004年以傅爾布萊特獎助金來台研究創作後,就和Tim在台灣生活及工作直到2012年8月才搬回美國加州聖塔羅莎(Santa Rosa),與二個孫女–10歲的Emily和8歲的Sarah同住。

Here’s a family photo taken at Christmas 2017.

family photo christmas 2017See if you can find Jane and Tim and our grand-daughters Emily and Sarah and daughter Jennifer.  Our son Chris and his wife Rebecca (on the far left back row), are still living in Boston and we see them at least once or twice a year.  They are expecting their first child in March!

Jane and Tim are both enjoying semi-retirement now, although Jane still does lots of art projects and Tim teaches one class in American history online.  Jane’s art activities include going to Turkey in 2015 with a Fulbright Specialist grant to be an artist in residence at the paper museum of Ege University in Izmir, Turkey.  Jane has also been doing many art projects in the USA.  Here is a photo of a project she did in 2017 at Newnan, GA, to make a “Living Quilt” and the paper pulp has seeds for wildflowers to grow and bloom over time.
雖然Jane仍然參與許多的藝術計畫,Tim也還在線上教授一堂美國史的課程,但他們都很享受目前半退休的生活。Jane這幾年參與的活動包括:2015年,以傅爾布萊特專家獎助金前往土耳其伊茲密省(Izmir)的愛琴海大學(Ege University),在紙類博物館裡擔任駐館藝術家。Jane亦在美國參與許多藝術計畫,下面這張照片就是她在2017年於美國喬志亞洲的紐南市(Newnan)完成的作品「花草拼被」(Living Quilt),在這件作品所使用的紙漿裡含有花草的種籽,將會隨著時間成長綻放。

In 2017 Jane also created a handmade paper artwork map of Taiwan and the USA for the 40th anniversary of the Fulbright Foundation in Taiwan.  Here is a photo of that artwork that is now hanging at the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange in Taipei.

In November 2017 Jane rented her own studio space in Santa Rosa, and she is now teaching papermaking workshops there. You can see more about Jane’s recent art projects on her Blog at .  Tim has retired from teaching and now devotes most of his time to photography, selling his photos and exhibiting them.  You can see more of his photos on his blog at

Tim thinks it might be fun to teach a photography workshop for the Cheng Long children while we are there.  Jane will be supervising the international artists for 2018 and working with Chao-mei this year as co-curator.  We also hope to share some food and games from the USA with the children.   We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Best wishes,

Jane and Tim

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