Posted by: QQmei | March 26, 2018

來自藝術家的問候>> Chris 蕢至 say Hello to Children

Lee, Kuei-ChihHello everyone, I am very happy to come to Cheng Long wetland again this year. I was born in Tuku town, Yunlin county, and grew up in Taipei. I often create artwork in different places,and especially like to creat in the natural environment. Sometimes I go back to Chenglong Elementary School to visit children and villagers again, when I pass through Yunlin county. Do you remember? Now I live in the mountains of New Taipei city, and the ecological environment here is good.  The Taiwan Blue Magpies wake me up sometimes in the morning.

I love to use natural materials and flowing images to make my work and talk about the story of myself and sometimes link to the local society. I am trying to make my work become the poetic image in a different place and convert it to a bridge linking the human and nature.

I created “Relic 2046” in 2016. I remember having created a lot of future creatures with many children at that time. And after that, I went to many places to create more artworks, such as Taiwan(Keelung, Taipei, New Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Yunlin, Chiayi, Yilan, Hualien) , Japan(Nagano), South Korea(Gangwon-do, Busan) and Iceland(Garður).


“蜃景-陸地幻景(Mirage-Land Illusion)”

I curated a small land art festival in the rice fields for Qingshui district, Taichung City, Taiwan in 2016. In 2017, I did Keelung’s public art project and created a work called “Mirage”. It was a land-based illusory coral reef sculpture created using abandoned equipment from fire power plants in combination with driftwood and marine litter.


起風 (Windy)

In Japan Nagano Prefecture I participated in the “Japan Alps Art Festival” organized by the famous Japanese curator Fram Kitagawa, and I created a “Windy” work using local branches at the top of the mountain.

In 2016, I made the work “Songshan Bamboo Meander” at the “2016 North Coast Art Field” festival in Shimen district, New Taipei City. In 2017 I created the work “The Ripple Maze” for the “2017 Ilan Green Expo” and the work “Flowing light” at the “2018 Chiayi Taiwan Lantern Festival”.  These were all large-scale bamboo works and included participation with the local community.


It was also an honor to be invited to participatein the “Fresh Winds International Art Biennale 2017 – 2018” in Iceland, which is a very different experience creating in the land of ice and fire. In addition, they decided to keepmy work “Flowing light” in Chiayi city in place when the festival ended. Chiayi city is not so far from Cheng Long village, and hopefiully I can have the opportunity to take everyone to see it !

About my work in Cheng Long wetland this year. I will use recycled materials such as bamboo and oyster shells to make it, and through the wind and water elements try to respond to the changes of the Cheng Long wetland over these years. It looks like the number 9 and also looks like a spiral.

Hope see you soon and work with you again!




  1. Chris, great to see that you are coming back. I look forward to saying hello and getting reacquainted.

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