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來自藝術家的問候>>Firman say Hello to Children

firman djamil

Aga kareba! (In the Bugisnese language that means “How are you!”)
Aga kareba!(這句話是印尼的布吉語,意思是「你好嗎?」)

I came to ChengLong in 2011 , so long ago. I also stopped for 2 days in 2015. I am very happy to return to ChengLong for this year 2018.

I now live in a village called Timbuseng; this is outside the city of Makassar , which is 14 kilometers away. Sometimes when I go to town I have to cross the river by boat.

I am now living in a foursome with my wife and 2 children. My wife is named Sari Kumala;  first son isnamed Andi Zacky Magello 5 years old, and the second child is Andi Alsyah Zani 1 year and 3 months old.
我和我的太太、兩個小孩,一家四口住在一起。我太太的名字叫做Sari Kumala,大兒子叫Andi Zacky Magello,五歲;第二個孩子叫作Andi Alsyah Zani,一歲三個月大。

Makassar is the capital of South Sulawesi province; here we use many local languages, such as Makassar, Bugis, Mandar, Massenreng Pulu, Konjo and Toraja languages, but we are a family in tradition and culture.

Bugis and Konjo tribes, who inhabit the Southern part of the island of Sulawesi,are at Tanjung Bira or Tana Beru and are marvelous sailors. They are the legendary wooden boat makers who make thePINISI boats. Pinisi wooden boats have two pillars or masts and are still made today. On its traditional voyagethe Pinisi boat sailed across the ocean to Madagascar and the Aboriginal islands of the Northern part of the Australian Continent to trade and find sea cucumbers.

For my work in natural art projects, some of the works I have made include a work in the GNAB-Korea titled: “Soul, the Rivers in the Tree”.   I consider the tree to be a river that stands up straight through the water all the time. In 2015 I was present at Keelung Taipei with Karya: Living in Rompong, made of bamboo construction; it was about how we adapt to live on water. In 2014 at the Royal Botanical Garden -Toronto in Canada,my work is titled: O2 Chinmey; it ismade from wood and leaf materials, also sand and coral. Forests and Planktons in the ocean are somethings that reduce carbon to Oxygen. Oxygen is the key to life.

For my future installation work in ChengLong 2018, I will make a work of woven hemisphere-shaped bamboo to create9 waves;  I titled this work 9 Ombak. It refers to waves and ocean waves as bringing nutrients to beaches and land.

Soon I will be with the community and the children of Cheng Long, and I will be happy to be there with 9 waves to commemorate the years of Cheng Long Wetlands International Art Project in 2018.

Kareba Madeceng!  (Best Wishes)
祝  好!

Firman Djamil


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