Posted by: janeingramallen | April 24, 2018

2018 Artists Continue working on new artworks in the Cheng Long Wetlands of Taiwan

The international artists for the 2018 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project are making good progress on the 6 new artworks for 2018.  The art project is curated by Jane Ingram Allen from America and Chao-mei Wang from Taiwan and organized by the Kuan Shu Environmental Education Foundation in Cheng Long village, Yunlin County, Taiwan. This is the 9th year of the annual international environmental art project, and 2018 has the theme of “What a Difference 9 Years Makes”.  Artists who have participated as selected artists in previous years were invited to send proposals. The 2018 selected artists are:
Myriam du Manor from France who came to Cheng long first in 2010
Firman Djamil from Indonesia who came first in 2011
Ya-chu Kang from Taiwan who came first for the art project in 2013
Tsuneo Sekiguchi from Japan who came in 2015
Marisa Merlin of Italy who also came in 2015
Chris Lee from Taiwan who first came for the art project in 2016

Below are photos showing the progress that the artists are making on their new artworks. The public opening weekend is May 5 and 6 and everyone is invited to come to see the finished installations.  On Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday May 5 and 6 there will be DIY activities with the artists for people of all ages. Check back here for more photos and information on the 2018 art project in Cheng Long.  Photos in this Blog are by Timothy S. Allen (

Chris Lee’s Cheng Long Shelter going up.

Myriam du Manoir’s Wings over the Wetlands in process

Ya chu Kang’s artwork being constructed in a park across from the wetlands

Firman Djamil of Indonesia and his volunteer continue making his “9 Waves” art installation in the bird blind area at Cheng Long Wetlands

Firman Djamil preparing many bamboos for his installation “9 Waves”.

Tsuneo Sekiguchi from Japan and his volunteer continue working on his Rainbow Time Machine artwork in the beautiful sunset at Chang Long Wetlands.

Volunteers help tie together the framework for Myriam’s big “wings” artwork.


Marisa Merlin of Italy continues her work on 9 Bridges, and some volunteers from the village brought a small tent to help protect the artist and volunteers from the hot sun.

Ya-chu Kang’s artwork with oyster shells and bamboo grows over the water of the wetlands

Sunset view of Tsuneo’s Rainbow Time Machine

Sunset view of Chris Lee’s Cheng Long Shelter

Setting up one of the “bridges” for Marisa’s artwork

Burning some bamboo to get the black charcoal color to create the deer on Tsuneo’s Rainbow Time Machine

Chris Lee and volunteers continue to make his artwork Cheng Long Shelter

Both wings for Myriam’s artwork have the main structure finished, and now more weaving is needed to fill in some of the diamond shapes.

Tsuneo is using split bamboo to fill in the background for the diorama of an ideal landscape he is creating  on his artwork Rainbow Time Machine.

Chris Lee and a volunteer continue working on his Cheng Long Shelter.

Ya-chu Kang and her volunteer use a raft to carry out more materials to add to her art installation

Children are helping to remove some of the bricks used in an artwork last year so that there is a good clear space for Marisa’s new artwork “9 Bridges”.

Not Always working artists and volunteers have an early morning Yoga class with Japanese artists Tsuneo


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