Posted by: janeingramallen | May 2, 2018

Working with the School Children at the 2018 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project

For the 2018 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project, each selected artist works closely with a classroom of elementary students from Cheng Long Elementary School.  The artists work with their class every Thursday afternoon during the residency time for the artists in Cheng Long village, Yunlin County, Taiwan.  Children and many villagers also come out after school and on the weekends to help the artists.

Myriam du Manoir of France has the 6th grade class, and the children have learned about French culture including a traditional folk dance and helped Myriam to do weavings with recycled clothing on the large “wings” artwork she is creating..
Firman Djamil of Indonesia has the 2nd grade class. His students have learned about working with bamboo which is a big part of his culture, and they have helped him to make parts of his “9 Waves” installation.
Ya-chu Kang of Taiwan has the 3 rd grade class. She has taught her students about the QR code reference in her artwork and about its relationship to knitting and textiles. The children helped her make some fabric from natural rope and oyster shells for her installation.
Chris Lee of Taiwan has the 1st grade class. The students working with Chris have learned about his artwork “Cheng Long Shelter” and how to make a really large sculpture with recycled bamboo. They wrote wishes on some of the bamboo pieces included in the sculpture and will also hang some oyster shells on his artwork.
Tsuneo Sekiguchi of Japan has the 5th grade class. Tsuneo has taught his class about Japanese culture and served them traditional Japanese tea as well as involved them in helping to make his artwork “Rainbow Time Machine”. He projected rainbows on the faces of the students with eyes closed to emphasize that we are all the same with our eyes closed.
Marisa Merlin of Italy has the 4th grade class. Marisa’s students have learned about Italian culture and that Leonardo da Vinci designed arches or bridges the same way she made her sculpture “9 Bridges”. Children learned how to put together the bamboo poles to make a bridge structure that reminds one of Roman arches as well as ancient Chinese bridges.


Here are some photos showing the 2018 artists working with the children at Cheng Long Elementary School and at the artwork sites in the Cheng Long Wetlands  to share their culture and teach them about their environmental artworks.  Photos are by Timothy S. Allen (  This art project is curated by Jane Ingram Allen of the USA and Chao-mei Wang of Taiwan.

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