Posted by: QQmei | November 26, 2018

Announcement about 2019 Art Program in Cheng Long Wetlands, Taiwan

Painting by 林姵均

Painting by 林姵均

For 2019, Instead of having the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project as usual, we want to focus on reviewing what we have done and using what the international artists gave Cheng Long in the past 9 years.  We will be developing community participation artworks and art/craft products that can be created by the Cheng Long Community to raise funding for conservation work in Cheng Long Village and the Wetlands.

painting by 李泓儀

painting by 李泓儀

We plan to work with several artists throughout 2019 who are interested in helping us to develop and create “community products” and “community artworks” that are for indoors and outdoors and that elders and school children can make.  We want artworks that can be done by using recycled materials that we have left over after other art projects and that can be collected easily around the village(especially old clothes, ropes, fiber, shells, recycled fishing net etc.).  We also want to have artists conduct workshops for school children and elders to help them make “community products” and “community artworks”.  We will invite some artists we know from previous years and partner art projects, but we also welcome artists to contact us with your great ideas.  Please email Chao-mei Wang at for more information.
我們計畫在2019年裡和幾位有興趣的藝術家合作,與我們一起帶著社區的老人家和孩童發展社區產品及室內外社區藝術作品。我們希望這些產品和藝術品可以利用到我們過去藝術計畫所留下的材料,或是在地容易收集到的素材,特別是舊衣物、麻繩、貝殼、回收漁網….等。我們希望藝術家透過工作坊的模式,帶領學校學童和村子裡的老人家共同來製作這些社區的產品或藝術品。我們預計邀請幾位我們過去的藝術家或伙伴藝術節所推薦的藝術家共同參與,當然也歡迎各位有興趣的藝術家與我們連絡,提出你很棒的想法!連絡請洽  王昭湄

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