Posted by: QQmei | February 10, 2019

獲選藝術家公告>>Announcing the 2019 Artists for the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project

This year we are going to try the art project in a different way, because we have learnt so many good skills of using natural and recycled materials to make artworks from previous artists in the past 9 years. In the 10th year, we hope that art could deeply become a part of the villagers’ life; what we will do is using art to gather people work together for the community, and the art made by villagers will help to tell the story of Chenglong. In the next 10 years, we hope environmental art could be one of the industries of Chenglong.

We are happy to announce the following 3 artists have been selected for the 2019 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project; two of them are our previous artists, and one is new. We believe that previous artists will know the culture and situation of the village better while we meet the 10th year challenge, and new artists will bring fresh point of view for the art project:
我們很高興在此和大家介紹2019成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫獲選的三位藝術家,其中二位是我們從前的藝術家; 一位是新的藝術家。之所以有這樣的安排是因為,我們認為在迎接這個“第十年的挑戰”的過程中,舊有的藝術家會對於成龍村的文化及現況有比較好的理解;而新的藝術家會為我們帶來全新的觀點:

Elena Redaelli – Italy (義大利)

LaLa Wang 王拉拉 (王彥臻) – Taiwan (台灣)
IMG_4536 cut

Nobuyuki Sugihara × Ayaka Nakamura – Japan (日本)
Photo by Rich Jhon Matheson
Photo by Rich Jhon Matheson

Thanks again to the artists who submitted their proposals. Sorry that we can only invite 3 artists in April and May to work with us this year due to the budget as well as the new way we are going to run the project. We hope many of you will try again next year.

In March, the Taiwanese artists LaLa will start to run workshops in the village. We will start to be very busy after the Chinese New Year. Keep looking at the Blog to see what is going on in Chenglong.

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