Posted by: QQmei | March 4, 2019

來自藝術家的問候>>Hello Message from LaLa


Hello everyone, I’m Lala from Tainan, Taiwan. I moved to Taipei when I started my university course. I still live in Taipei now, but I am not always in Taipei. I travel quite often to other cities or countries for different projects.


I’m an art-educator, I founded “Art Together” Art Education Studio. Not only working on my own, I also cooperated with other artists and designers. For me, I can always see the art potential from each child even the other people can’t see it. Everyone is so unique and full of creativity. Children always surprise me and give me new inspirations that help me understand myself more.

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I am glad that I always can hear good news from Chenglong in these several years. The first time I knew Cheng Long wetland was being an volunteer to helped Firman, who is a great artist from Indonesia. Since then, I do love the people , land, and things in Cheng Long. I was invited to run a winter program with the Kuan-Shu foundation for children and villagers in 2012, and was selected to be one of the resident artist in 2014. I took my students to visit Chenglong art project and to helped artists last year.  This year I’m so glad that I can come back again to connect more friends and love for the wetlands.

For the new 2019 art project, we need many clean clothes that you don’t wear anymore. It will be OK if some holes on it or the dirt can’t be washed away even you try very hard! Just bring them and come to join our weaving project to decorate new colors for Cheng Long.


By Lala 拉拉(王彥臻)

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