Here is more information about the artists and their proposed artworks for the 2017 Cheng Long art project. We look forward to welcoming these artists to Cheng Long from April 13 to May 8, 2017. Hope everyone will come out to help with the installations and meet the artists.
以下是「2017成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫」的藝術家和提案的介紹。藝術家們將在 4/13 ~ 5/8 進駐成龍村,歡迎大家一起出來幫忙藝術家完成作品,順便和藝術家聊聊天。

Annechien Meier & Gert-Jan Gerlach – Netherlands(荷蘭)

Annechien and Gert-Jan from Holland are working together as a team since 2014 and have formed a foundation called Laboratory for Microclimates with the aim to encourage people’s thinking about their own vicinity and dealing with the effects of climate change. Their proposed artwork for the Cheng Long art project is called “Microclimate Life Line”, and it will be a giant irregular line that goes out into the wetlands with a bamboo framework filled with the green algae (seaweed) that grows in the Cheng Long Wetlands every spring. Some people gather this algae to eat, and it usually disappears during the summer. This artwork of all natural and biodegradable materials will change over time with the algae turning white in the sun and still providing an interesting visual image in the wetlands and reminding people to take action, live with change.

來自荷蘭的雙人組Annechien和Gert-Jan 在2014年創立了「微氣候實驗室」,希望鼓勵人們留意身邊的環境,因應氣候變遷的課題。他們為成龍村發想的提案叫做「微氣候生命線」,以竹子為骨架,做成一個又大又彎曲的線條,上面鋪滿海藻,從陸地一路延伸到濕地裡。這種海藻(石蓴)在每年四月的成龍溼地很常見,有人會收集作為食物原料,但通常到了夏天,石蓴就會消失。這件作品是用自然和生物可分解的材料製作而成,因此也會隨著時間而變化,像是海藻經過日曬顏色會變白,在濕地裡看起來又是一番不同風景,提醒大家:愛行動,愛改變!

Inga Shalvashvili – Georgia(喬治亞)

Inga is from the country of Georgia on the Black Sea at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. She is a children’s book illustrator as well as a sculptor.  Inga will create a sculpture installation that she hopes will bring a little magic to the wetlands, much like the old custom of making sounds across the mountains in Switzerland and Europe. The sculpture will be made of bamboo and perhaps recycled pipes and be in a circular sun-like form so that people can go inside and make sounds through the pipes in all directions. The action of singing, speaking, whistling or even shouting will cover Cheng Long with its mystic energy wave for a year or more. Inga says that she believes building up the trust in a community and giving people a personal space to act, somehow might be a step to changes.


Piotr Wesolowski – Poland(波蘭)

Piotr is from Poland in Europe, and he is trained as an architect and makes sculptures  that he calls “Ephemeral Space Arrangements”.  Piotr will be coming to Taiwan for the second time having created a sculpture in 2016 at the Keelung International Marine Environment Art Project. In Cheng Long Piotr will create a sculpture of bamboo and natural materials called “Follow” which gives the idea of a large undefined creature moving forward and inviting people to follow and make changes to live better with the environment. The construction is also a kind of shelter that protects people in the journey, and visitors can walk inside and around the artwork. He hopes this artwork will stimulate imagination, and it is a blend of sculpture and architecture to generate new feelings of space and dimension.


Rob Mulholland – UK (Scotland)(英國/蘇格蘭)
Rob is from Scotland in the UK, and he will create a large sculpture in the wetlands titled “Delicate Balance” about the relationship between people and their natural environment. He has done many public art sculptures in the UK, USA, Russia, Korea and other countries in Europe.  His artwork uses a cube shaped form representing an architectural intervention, inorganic and controlled, in the landscape. The artwork represents a state of change, and the center of the cube is visually disintegrating. In this artwork he is celebrating change and inviting nature to assist in the eventual re-shaping of the artwork that is made from bamboo and other natural biodegradable materials.


Hui-Ying Tsai 蔡慧盈– Taiwan(台灣)
Hui is from Taipei, Taiwan, and now living in New York City, USA. She is excited to come home to Taiwan again to participate in this project and create her proposed artwork titled “Habitation No. 4 (Cradle)” that is part of an ongoing series of sculpture installations about the concept of home and creating habitat in the local environment. The sculpture sited in the wetlands is in the shape of a crescent moon that will gently rock in the water like a cradle. Part of it is above water providing habitat for the birds, and part is below water to provide habitat for fish and other water creatures. The “cradle” will be made of bamboo and natural materials, and the upper part of the sculpture will have many bird nests made of shells and natural materials created by local participants.


Jane Liou 劉臻 – Taiwan(台灣)
Jane, now working in Taipei, Taiwan, will create a sculpture installation titled “Context” consisting of many houses forms placed to form a community, and some will be inside an old house near the wetlands and others outdoors on land near the wetlands. The “houses” will be made with bricks formed from mud/earth and straw/reeds (an ancient building technique for making houses and other structures). The bricks will be formed in recycled wood modules. Local participants will help to make the many “houses” needed for this installation. Jane’s installation will use all natural and biodegradable materials, and people will be able to observe the differences in the inside and outside installations and how nature changes both of them in different ways over time.


Cheng Long Villagers Team 成龍社區發展協會- Taiwan(台灣)

The Cheng Long villager’s team will make another artwork this year in Cheng Long Wetlands.  Last year you will remember that they created the big “bridge” artwork that is still there after repairs from the villagers.  The new artwork called “Reborn” will be located at the place where the 2015 artwork “Water Core” made by Germany/Switzland artist Roger used to be. “Reborn” refers to seeds sprouting from the core. The pattern of the work made from bamboo poles represents green buds making ways to reach for the sun, so the lines will sparkle in sunlight.  When showing its reflection in the water, the seed installation will altogether make a heart-shape image, symoblic of the villagers’ love for their own land. The ChengLong Community took actions out of love. They hope their homeland will be blessed forever in reward for everyone’s effort.


The artists are making plans now to come to Cheng Long, and they will each send a “Hello” message to Cheng Long children and the community that we will post on this Blog soon along with photos from the artists.


Take Action, Live with Change “愛行動, 愛改變”- 成龍國小三年級  李辰珊

We are happy to announce the following artists have been selected for the 2017 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project:

Annechien Meier & Gert-Jan Gerlach – Netherlands (荷蘭)

Inga Shalvashvili
– Georgia(喬治亞)

Piotr Wesolowski
– Poland(波蘭)

Rob Mulholland
– UK (Scotland)(英國/蘇格蘭)

Hui-ying Tsai
  蔡慧盈 – Taiwan(台灣)

Jane Liou
  劉臻 – Taiwan(台灣)

Cheng Long Villagers Team
 成龍社區發展協會- Taiwan(台灣)

Thank you again to the 180 artists from 55 different countries that applied this year. We enjoyed reviewing all the proposals, and it was a very difficult job to select only 7 from so many good proposals. We hope many of you will try again next year.

Keep looking at the Blog to see the artworks created this year in Cheng Long Wetlands for the theme of “Take Action – Live with Change”. 2017 will be the 8th year of this art project in Cheng Long Wetlands, Taiwan, and this year we will welcome the artists to Cheng Long from April 13 to May 8. We are hoping for a great year with many interesting artworks and lots of enthusiasm from the community and the elementary school children in Cheng Long.

In a few days we will put more information about the 2017 artists on the Blog soon.

In the next few days I will be sending emails to all the artists who sent a proposal. Thanks again to all the artists who entered.

The selection of only 6 artists for the 2017 Cheng Long Wetlands International Art Project is taking longer than expected because we have so many good proposals.  We are sorry for the delay, but we expect to announce the selected artists on February 23 instead of on February 20 as originally planned.

Thank you for your patience, and keep looking here at the Blog for the announcement on February 23.  Jane will also write emails to all who entered to let them know the results.

Thanks again for your interest in this environmental art project in Cheng Long, Taiwan.



(疑? ……沒錯! 因為歷經七年的補充修正,這版本的文字已道盡大偵探的心聲,也差不多為你描繪出整件事的輪廓了!…..所以連這段也差不多copy去年的~XD)


VolunteerWorking Holiday with Artists @ ChengLong Wetlands

時間:2017年4月12日(抵達) ~ 5月8日(離開)


活動費用:全免,由農委會林務局、雲林縣政府專案補助。(無誠者勿試!!! 經通知入選者,我們不想收保證金,但我們也經不起被放鴿子,此區人力調度困難,請以誠信為重!)


另於工作假期中需準備個人的一份與環境或藝術相關的簡報/才藝/作品進行分享(當然要用英文說囉~),結束後三周內繳交不限表現方式的心得分享一則 ( 算是給過去一個月的自己留下紀錄,也算是回饋給這豐富你一個月的小村莊的謝禮吧!)。


請一定要有”絕不低頭”––暫別手機網路、facebook的勇氣,以及和7-11一刀兩斷的決心。再次重申:本工作假期保証工作量很大(絕不虛假!)”假期”自在人心! 請一定要有任勞任怨、不怕風吹日曬雨淋的體力及耐力。晒黑是一定會的,變瘦我們不敢說!(新鮮在地又當令的食材,怎麼忍心浪費?)


有志之士,請於3/4下載並填妥報名表2017-成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫–來去海口住一個月 志工報名表 emailQQ


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By Yu- Hsuan  (“來去海口住一個月” Volunteer)









彧亘/小秘 2016.05.05

img_4303Thank you to all the artists around the world who submitted a proposal for the 2017 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.  The deadline was January 20, and the curator received proposals up until it was no longer January 20 anywhere in the world.
謝謝來自世界各地所有參與〈2017成龍溼地國際環境藝術節–愛行動, 愛改變〉徵件的藝術家們。 我們的徵件已在1月20日截止, 策展人也確實待件到世界各地時間轉換到1/21為止。

There were more than 181 proposals this year, and the curator will post the statistics about the entries on the Blog soon.  We are beginning to look at the proposals carefully and starting to make the selections for 2017.  We hope to have the artists selected by February 20, 2017, and the curator will email everyone who submitted to let them know the results soon after Feb. 20.
今年我們共約收到181件的提案, 待策展人統計完成後, 會儘速在部落格上公告。目前我們正一一檢視著所有的提案資料, 從中逐步篩選出進入決選的藝術家。我們預計在2月20日告知所有參選藝術家徵件結果, 並作出獲選藝術家公告。

The selected artists will come to Taiwan for the art project in Cheng Long village, Yunlin County, Taiwan, from April 13 to May 8, 2017.
獲選藝術家將在2017年4月13日~ 5月8日進駐成龍村, 和村民孩童共同進行創作。

Keep checking this Blog to get more information about the selection of the artists for 2017.
敬請持續關注這個部落格, 看看誰將成為〈成龍溼地國際環境藝術節〉的2017藝術家!

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Deadline for 2017 Proposals is January 20, 2017!

justin raft roof with bird IMG_49015
Just a reminder that the deadline for the 2017 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project is January 20, 2017. This will be the 7th year of the annual outdoor sculpture project in Cheng Lung village, Yunlin County, Taiwan. This year the invited artists will come to stay and create their site specific works from April 13 – May 8. Selected artists receive a US$2000 stipend, airfare, accommodations, food and volunteer help. The theme this year is “Take Action – Live with Change” and artists will work with local school children and volunteers to create large scale outdoor sculptures with natural and recycled materials that are eco-friendly and encourage sustainability and taking action to live with climate change. We will be reviewing emailed entries and selecting the 2017 artists by Feb. 20. For more information about what to submit see the 2017 Call for Proposals on this Blog or email Curator Jane Ingram Allen at
Hope to see your entry soon!

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MUST LOOK – 2016 Art Project Documentary Film

Hello, Dear artists,
Here is the documentary of the 2016 Chenglong Wetlands International Environmental Art Project, we believe that you can get some ideas about the art project and the site in the film. Please be sure to have a look before apply the 2017 project.  Looking forward to your proposals~ 😀

不要忘了在參與2017成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫提案前,好好觀賞這部2016成龍溼地國際環境藝術節的記錄, 相信可以幫助您更了解這個計畫, 以及獲得在此區創作的想法. 期待您的是提案~ 😀

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徵件公告>> Announcing the 2017 Call for Proposals

We are happy to announce the 2017 ChengLong Wetlands International Environmental Art Project. The theme for 2017 is “Take Action, Live with Change”.
我們很高興在此宣佈「2017成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫」即日起開始徵件,2017年的主題是「愛行動 ‧ 愛改變」

Artists from all countries are invited to send a proposal for a site-specific outdoor sculpture installation that will raise public awareness and enlist people to take action and live with a changing global environment and in particular the sinking land, rising waters, strong winds, and increasingly powerful typhoons in the Cheng Long area. This year the art project aims to raise awareness about collective environmental responsibility and how people can work together in harmony with nature to rebuild and readjust to a changing environment. The artworks will emphasize the natural cycle of life: birth, life, death and then rebirth, and engage the community to take action to make the environment better for living with the changes.


Deadline for Applications: January 20, 2017
Residency in Cheng Long, Yunlin County, Taiwan: April 13 – May 8, 2017
藝術家進駐成龍溼地創作:2017年4月13日 ~ 5月8日

Selected Artists Receive: Award of NT$60,000 (about US$2,000), airfare, accommodations, food, local transportation, volunteer help and free local natural & recycled materials.

To Apply:
Send the following by email to Curatorial Consultant, Jane Ingram Allen,  Proposals in Chinese sent to the Art Administrator, Chao-Mei Wang by
1. Description of Proposed Artwork (1 page attached doc. or .pdf file)
2. Artist Statement (1 page attached doc. or .pdf file)
3. Sketch (attached .jpg file, less than 1 MB)
4. 6 images of previous works (6 attached .jpg files of less than 1 MB each)
5. Image list (attached .doc or .pdf file)
6. CV (attached .doc or .pdf file) to include name, address and nationality.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Send all 6 items as separate files. Do not put all files into 1 .pdf or .doc file, and do not use a Zip file.
備妥下列文件以電子郵件寄給策展顧問艾婕音。中文提案請寄給藝術行政主任王昭湄 。
<重要提醒 >以上文件請分存成6檔案。勿把所有文件存成一個doc或pdf檔案,也請不要使用Zip壓縮檔。

Please download the complete 2017 Call for Proposals, and read it carefully for all the details. You can contact Jane Ingram Allen, with any questions. For questions in Chinese, contact Ms. Chao-mei Wang.

Call for Proposals – 2017 Chenglong Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.docx
Call for Proposals – 2017 Chenglong Wetlands International Environmental Art Project .pdf
徵件公告- 2017成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫.docx
徵件公告- 2017成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫.pdf

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2016 Cheng Long Wetlands Art Project OPENS

The 2016 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project Opening Weekend is happening now April 30 and May 1, 2016 in Cheng Long village, Yunlin County, Taiwan. The opening activities with the international artists continue today, Sunday, May 1, from 9:30 to 11:30 in the morning and from 2:30 to 5:30 in the afternoon.

The 6 artworks are all completed, and we invite everyone to come visit and talk with the artists today, Sunday, May 1. The artists will leave to go back to their own countries on Monday, May 2, but the artworks will remain on view in Cheng Long Wetlands until they biodegrade and go back to nature. In April 2017 we expect to have new artists coming to create new artworks. The artworks this year are created with all natural and biodegradable materials and will not pollute the water or harm the wildlife in the wetlands nature preserve area.

In 2016 Cheng Long Villagers also created an artwork this year for the 2016 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project. Their work is titled “Bridge to the Future” and creates a pathway for people to go out into the wetlands and appreciate the beauty of this place. Here is a photo of the villager’s artwork on April 30, 2016.IMG_6242-Edit1-2

Amarsaikhan Namsraijav from Mongolia created a sculpture installation titled “Moving to Dry Land – Nomadic Culture”. Here is a finished photo on April 30 of this massive artwork in the wetlands that imagines carrying the water from a very wet place such as Cheng Long Wetlands to a very dry desert area such as Mongolia.IMG_71111
Chris Lee (Li Kuei-chih) of Taiwan created a sculpture installation on, in and around an old fishing hut in Cheng Long Wetlands. His artwork is titled “2046 Relic” and it asks us to imagine what the wetlands might be like in thirty more years. This finished photo shows his artwork on April 30.IMG_71381
Elena Redaelli of Italy now living in Norway created a sculpture installation titled “All Lives of Nature” and her work is sited on, in and around the bird blind at Cheng Long Wetlands. Her many elements of this installation were created to represent the plants, animals and all life in the wetlands. Here is a photo of the finished artwork on April 30, 2016.IMG_71311
Justin Tyler Tate of Canada and now living in Finland created a sculpture installation that is floating in the water of the wetlands. His work titled “Raft Roofs” appears like roofs of houses rising from the waters, and it offers a fanciful solution for rising waters…just float to safety in the roof of your house that also is a raft. Here’s a photo of the 3 finished “raft roofs” on April 30, in Cheng Long Wetlands.IMG_62561
Claudia Aranovich of Argentina created a sculpture installation of 6 large flowers made of bamboo and natural materials. Her work is sited in the shallow water of the wetlands rising from the water. Here is a photo of Claudia’s work “Flowers for the Future” on April 30, 2016.IMG_62531

All photos here are by Timothy S. Allen ( The Cheng Long Wetlands International Art Project is curated by Jane Ingram Allen of USA, artist, art writer and curator (

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