Announcing the Artists Selected for the 2015 Cheng Long Wetlands International Art Project “Fragile – Handle With Care” 

I am happy to announce the selected artists for the 2015 Cheng Long Wetlands International Art Project.  It has very difficult to decide the final five artists because we had so many good applications.  I wish it were possible to invite many more artists to Cheng Long village to create their artworks.  I really appreciate all of the time and effort artists put into submitting their applications and answering my many questions about their proposals.

These are the 2015 artists    2015獲選藝術家名單:

Christopehr Varady–Szabo – Australia(澳洲)

Christopher Varady-Szabo - Portable Landscape

Christopher Varady-Szabo – Portable Landscape

Christopher Varady-Szabo is from Australia but has been living in Quebec, Canada for over 30 years.  Chris is an experienced nature artist and has studied architecture as well as having a Master’s degree in visual arts.  He has done many residency projects in Canada as well as in France and Finland.  This will be, I think, his first visit to Asia.  Chris will create a “Living Landscape” in Cheng Long on top of a rolling cart made from bamboo and other found materials.  Chris plans to put living plants of the Cheng Long area in this miniature eco-system on a cart that can be moved around to different sites in Cheng Long reminding us of the fragile environment that we need to handle with care.
Christopher Varady-Szabo來自澳洲,但一直居住在加拿大的魁北克超過30年了。Chris是一位經驗豐富的自然藝術家,他同時具有建築及視覺藝術的學位。他在加拿大有許多駐村的經驗,也曾去過法國和芬蘭駐村創作。這可能是他第一次拜訪亞洲。Chris將利用竹材及其他尋獲的材料創造一輛可以移動的推車,並於其上創造出一個「生活地景」。Chris打算種植成龍村在地的植物在這個有著微型生態系統的推車上,透過推車移動到成龍村各處,提醒大家:脆弱的環境,需要大家小心守護!

Marisa Merlin – Italy(義大利)

Marisa Merlin - Earth

Marisa Merlin – Earth

Marisa Merlin is from the city of Padua, Italy, and she has done many public art and nature art projects in Italy and other countries in Europe.  She also organizes and curates an international biennial exhibition of environmental art in her city of Padua.  In Cheng Long Marisa will create an installation with sand bags, recycled cloth bags filled with soil, sand, shells, and plants, and the sand bags will be arranged to spell out in huge letters the word “EARTH”.  She is also hoping to make some Chinese characters with her sand bag sculpture installation.  In Western countries sand bags are commonly used to keep out flooding waters, and so this artwork will be symbolically protecting the fragile environment of Cheng Long.
Marisa Merlin來自義大利的帕多瓦,她曾參與過義大利和歐洲許多國家的公共藝術和自然藝術計畫。不僅如此,她也在她所居住的城市帕多瓦策劃環境藝術國際雙年展。本次在成龍溼地的創作,Marisa將以砂包和回收布袋為材料,填充泥土、沙子、貝殼和植物,再利用這些填充砂包拼出“EARTH(地球)”這個英文單字。她也希望能用砂包創作一些中文字。在西方國家,砂包通常用來阻擋洪水,因此這件藝術作品象徵著:守護成龍村脆弱的環境。

Roger Rigorth – Switzerland(瑞士)

Roger Rigorth - Water Core

Roger Rigorth – Water Core

Roger Rigorth is from Saanen, Switzerland, and now lives in Munster, Germany.  He is an experienced nature artist and has participated in many artist residencies in Europe, USA, Australia and Korea, but this will be his first time in Taiwan. Roger will create tall sculptures in the shallow water of the wetlands that will look like water bottles or maybe some giant abstract birds.  He will use bamboo and other natural materials to create the huge water bottle forms.  He calls this artwork “Water Core” and wants to bring attention to the importance of protecting water sources for all of life.
Roger Rigorth來自瑞士的薩能,現在居住在德國的明斯特。他是一位經驗豐富的自然藝術家,並且參與過歐洲、美國、澳洲和韓國等許多藝術駐村,但這應該是他第一次造訪台灣。Roger 將會在溼地淺水域中創作出形狀如水瓶或是抽象鳥類的大型創作。他會使用竹子和其他自然材料作為素材。他把本次的創作訂名為「水核心」,希望喚醒大眾注意:水是所有生命的源泉,務必要小心守護!

Tsuneo Sekiguchi(関口 恒男) – Japan(日本)

Tsuneo Sekiguchi - Rainbow Boat

Tsuneo Sekiguchi – Rainbow Boat

Tsuneo Sekiguchi  is from Tochigi prefecture in Japan.  He is an experienced international artist who has done residency projects in New Zealand and India as well as many places in Japan.   Tsuneo was selected for the public art festival, Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale in Japan three times in 2006, 2009 and 2012.  He is very interested in the qualities of light, and for his Cheng Long artwork he will make a large boat out of bamboo, driftwood and other found materials.  The boat will have a big white cloth sail, and he will put many recycled metal pans on this boat that each contain a mirror and some water to project rainbow images on the sail when the sun is shining.  His “Rainbow Boat” will be created in the Temple Courtyard area in Cheng Long village where people can enjoy the sun and rainbows and think about the fragile environment that we should handle with care.
Tsuneo Sekiguchi來自日本栃木縣。他是一位經驗豐富的國際藝術家,曾參與紐西蘭、印度和日本許多地方的駐村創作。Tsuneo曾三度入選日本大地藝術祭越後妻有藝術三年展,分別是2006、2009及2012年。他對光的特性非常感興趣,在成龍溼地的創作,他將以竹子、漂流木和其他材料製作一艘大船,大船會有一面巨大且白色的風帆,在船上他會擺放許多回收的金屬鍋子,每個鍋子裝著一面鏡子和一些水,經過太陽照射後在帆布上投射出彩虹的影像。他的「彩虹船」預計將擺放在成龍村廟前的廣場,在那裡人們可以享受陽光和彩虹,並且思考我們應該小心守護的脆弱環境。

李朝倉Chao-chang Lee– Taiwan(台灣)

Chao-chang Lee - Floating Dragon

Chao-chang Lee – Floating Dragon

Chao-chang Lee is from Yunlin County and lives in the town of Shi-Luo, where he is creating an art project for local residents and visitors at an old army camp.   After studying for his master’s degree in art at a university in Japan and living in Taipei, Chao-chang moved back to his home village and continues his international art career.  Chao-chang is an experienced environmental artist and has participated in many international art residency projects in the USA, Hong Kong and in Taiwan. For his artwork in Cheng Long, Chao-chang will create a “Floating Dragon” in the wetlands made of bamboo and other natural and found materials that will move with the changing water currents to protect Cheng Long and bring attention to the fragile environment.

We congratulate these selected artists for 2015 and look forward to welcoming them soon to Cheng Long village.

Keep watching this Blog for more information about the artists and the artworks they will create in Cheng Long working with the elementary school children, villagers and volunteers.

Thanks again to all the artists who applied and we really appreciate your support of this project and hope you will apply again next year.

See you soon in Cheng Long,

Jane Ingram Allen, Curator

Posted by: QQmei | January 22, 2015



Just wanted to let everyone know that I have received 137 total entries for the 2015 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project with the theme of “Fragile – Handle With Care”.
(真抱歉,策展人的這篇部落格草稿,被淹沒在她寄出的成堆信件裡, 現在才被撈出來…)  2015年成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫<易碎品,小心守護!>總計收到137件提案。

There were entries from artists from 49 different countries, and they are from all continents (except Antarctica).   The USA had the most applications with 17 artists coming from different parts of the US.  India was next with applications from 14 artists, and France and Germany each had 10 artists to apply.  Taiwan had 11 artists to apply.

I will be reviewing all of the applications carefully to select the artists for 2015.  As you can imagine this takes quite a while.  I am also asking some artists questions about their proposals and looking at the Internet and talking to other artists and curators to learn more about the artists I am considering.

I want to be sure that the artists selected will be a good fit for the Cheng Long project, and that the artworks for 2015 will be exciting and interesting and really get the whole community involved.  There are many things to consider including the experience of the artist, their interest in working with kids and community people, what culture they represent, what they want to create in Cheng Long and how their artwork relates to the theme and the environment, and the quality and skills they show in their previous works.

So, everyone please be patient for a few weeks, and I hope to announce the decision about the 2015 artists by Feb. 15.  Keep looking at this Blog for updates on the process of selecting the artists for 2015.

Jane Ingram Allen



photo by Tim, 2014 art project



VolunteerWorking Holiday with Artists @ ChengLong Wetlands

時間:2015年4月8日(抵達) ~ 5月4日(離開)


活動費用:全免,由雲林縣政府、農委會林務局專案補助。(無誠者勿試!!! 經通知入選者,我們不想收保證金,但我們也經不起被放鴿子,此區人力調度困難,請以誠信為重!)


另於工作假期中需準備個人的一份與環境或藝術相關的簡報/才藝/作品進行分享(當然要用英文說囉~),結束後三周內繳交不限表現方式的心得分享一則 (請拍胸脯保証你一定會做到)。


請一定要有”絕不低頭”–暫別手機網路、facebook的勇氣,以及和7-11一刀兩斷的決心。再次重申:本工作假期保証工作量很大(絕不虛假!)”假期”自在人心! 請一定要有任勞任怨、不怕風吹日曬雨淋的體力及耐力。晒黑是一定會的,變瘦我們不敢說!(新鮮在地又當令的食材,怎麼忍心浪費?)


有志之士,請於3/2下載並填妥報名表2015 成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫–來去海口住一個月 志工報名表  emailQQ


Posted by: igarbani | January 7, 2015

Artist experience藝術家經驗談

My name is Isabelle Garbani, and I was fortunate enough to be one of the artists selected in 2012. I am originally from France, but now live and work in New York City. My trip to Cheng Long was the first time I attended an artist residency and the first time I traveled to Asia. The excitement level was understandably pretty high when I arrived there!
我的名字是Isabelle Garbani,我很幸運能夠獲選成為2012年成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫的藝術家。我出生於法國,但目前在紐約生活及工作。成龍的那趟旅行是我第一次參加藝術家駐村,也是我的第一趟亞洲之旅。可想而知,當我到達那裡時,是有多麼地興奮呀!


My stay at Cheng Long Wetlands International Artist Residency made me feel like an art star. For the first time in my life, I had no distractions so I could focus solely on my art project, and I had an incredible supportive team around me: the curator Jane Ingram who is one of the nicest people I know makes every effort to help with the completion of the project; Chao-mei and everyone working for the education foundation tirelessly find solutions for the artists (finding tools and local help, materials, organizing cultural events, and documenting the residency); the Taiwanese volunteers help the artists not only with completing their artwork but also serve as interpreters, cultural guides and friends; the school children are the cheerleaders because they are so enthusiastic about participating in the art projects; and the villagers who are curious about why we do what we do and try to help in anyway they can.



My artwork mainly focuses on the impact and significance of plastic, and my project for Cheng Long was crocheted plastic kudzu leaves “invading” one of the village houses. I had collected plastic bags and made some of the artwork in the US during the winter. Jane, who was still living in Taiwan at the time, collected bags from friends and neighbors so all my materials needs for the project were taken care of upon my arrival in Taiwan. The foundation took us for the first few days on several day trips, first to ease the jet lag and learn about the local culture, and second to find free art materials for the artists’ projects. We visited the local recycling center that has everything you can imagine that can be recycled (clothes, plastics, metal, cardboard, light bulbs!), and we visited the sea shore for used bamboo and driftwood which can have very interesting colors. The area also abounds with oyster and clam shells which a lot of artists end up using.




My studio was set up in the local bird watching area which protected us from the rain and the sun: rainstorms can be very intense, and 2012 was brutally hot even in April. It is good to keep in mind and follow what the locals wear to protect your skin. I was sunburned before I decided to be smart and buy a large sun hat and protective sleeves that are readily available at the local markets.


I had two volunteers working with me, Sing and Ta-Ta who became very good friends by the end of my stay. Ta-Ta is an artist and Sing was preparing to go to London to study art management, so I was very lucky to have two people with me who were interested in art. This is not always the case, so it is better to be prepared to do a lot of the work on one’s own. Ta-Ta did a lot of crochet leaves, but Sing could not latch on to that process as easily, and ended up managing the project for me which was fantastic: she found ways for the children to help, and organized a lot of their work-flow.



The schedule can be pretty tight because it takes a little bit of time to gather tools and materials and find a good working set-up, and also because some of the days are spent teaching the local children about art and the environment. I kept a schedule for myself and my volunteers so we could easily see if we were falling behind. Everyone in the red house, where I stayed with most of the volunteers, helped with the project, and I will forever be grateful for the enthusiasm and dedication of the staff, volunteers and villagers.


Life in Cheng Long was an extraordinary experience for me, and yes, the staff will provide you with coffee, and yes, there is a washing machine at the red house so there is no need to bring your entire apartment with you, and yes, the food is absolutely fantastic. Chao-mei and her staff will also make frequent trips to local events so you can get a good sense of life in Taiwan… and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to go to a rice field for a morning and get a mud bath as you are planting rice!




More stories about Isabelle’s experience in Chenglong, please check this link:
更多有關Isabelle在成龍經歷的故事,請參考連結 :

The theme of the 2015 art project is  “Fragile- Handle with care“, the deadline of proposals is January, 16, 2015. Looking forward to seeing your proposals soon!


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Artists are probably busy preparing proposals now for the 2015 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project and wondering what they can do to make their proposal really stand out from the crowd.  We usually get hundreds of applications from artists around the world who want to come to Cheng Long village on the southwest coast of Taiwan to create a site specific environmental artwork during the 25-day all expenses paid residency with a $US2000 stipend for the selected artists.   Here are some hints that will make your proposal stand out and increase your chances of being selected as one of the artists for 2015:

  1. First of all your proposal will stand out if you follow the directions and send all of the 6 items listed on the Call for Proposals under “To Apply”.   Many artists do not make sure they have sent all the files required and that they have sent the right number and type of files by email before the deadline.  Also, some artists send too many files or files that are too big or not the right type.  This makes it very difficult for the curator to evaluate your proposal and might give the wrong impression about your professionalism.
  1. Your proposed artwork should make a unique and creative response to the theme. Make sure your proposed artwork fits the theme “Fragile – Handle with Care”.  This phrase is usually one placed on packages to make sure they are handled carefully, but consider this theme in connection with the environment worldwide and the environment specifically in Cheng Long.  You can look at the Blog to see many photos and much information about the environment in Cheng Long or ask the curator specific questions by email.
  1. Your proposal should show your ability and experience in creating large scale environmental artworks using natural or recycled materials. Your examples of previous artworks should show that you have the skills to construct the proposed artwork, and your description of the proposed artwork should show that you have carefully considered what materials and techniques you would use if your proposal is selected.
  1. Make your proposal appealing to the children in Cheng Long as well as to the adults and to artists and show that you can involve children in Cheng Long elementary school and community adults in your artwork. There should be some way that villagers and children can contribute to the artwork or make some parts of it with your guidance, so that the village and children will feel your artwork can in some way belong to them.
  1. Make sure your proposed artwork can last well for at least one year through typhoons, hot sun and heavy rains. We want the artworks to last at least one year and then either recycle into the environment naturally being all bio-degradable, or if they are recycled materials they can be dismantled and again recycled after the exhibition period.  The artwork should be safe and secure and lasting, as well as meaningful and aesthetically appealing.
  1. Make sure the proposed artwork will not harm the environment and that it hopefully will improve the environment or encourage people to think more about the environment in Cheng Long. What the artist proposes for the Cheng Long Wetlands nature preserve area should not pollute the water, soil or air by the materials or the techniques used, and it should not harm the wildlife.  There are many birds, fish, plants and other life in Cheng Long Wetlands, so the artist needs to consider all of these in making a proposed artwork.  Some works in 2015 will also be sited in the village on public lands such as the temple courtyard area and vacant lots, and these proposed artworks could make use of recycled materials (plastic, metal, wood, glass, etc) and then be recycled again after the one year or more of the exhibition.

Remember the deadline for proposals is January 16, 2015.  You can post any questions here on the Blog or email the Curator Jane Ingram Allen at
不要忘記,徵件截止日期是2015 年1月16日。任何疑問皆可留言於此部落格,或與策展人艾婕音連絡。

Looking forward to seeing your proposal!

Posted by: QQmei | December 23, 2014

Curator interview on the Discovery Channel Magazine

Hello everyone,
I know many artists are thinking now about the proposal they will submit for the 2015 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project to fit the theme and the place.  I thought it might be helpful to post this Interview I did during the 2014 installation period with a Taiwanese reporter for Discovery Channel Magazine.  The interview questions were very good, and maybe my responses can help to give more background and information about the Cheng Long art project.  Just let me know if you have any questions, and I am looking forward to seeing your proposal before the deadline of January 16, 2015.
相信許多的藝術家正在思考<2015成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫>的提案,希望這篇刊載於<探索頻道雜誌>國際中文版的策展人專訪,會對大家有幫助.  專訪的問題都很棒, 或許我的回答也有助於各位更了解成龍溼地環境藝術計畫的背景. 如果還有其他的疑問,歡迎留言或寫信給我, 期待在2015年1月16日前收到各位的提案!
Best wishes,
Jane Ingram Allen, Curator
Discovery page
感謝<探索頻道雜誌>同意轉載本文於”2014成龍溼地國際環境藝計畫”成果集 :)
Posted by: QQmei | December 18, 2014

New PAGE about Materials and artworks

Hello, dear artists,

we add two new PAGEs on the blog, one is Possible Materials, the other is 2010-2014 Catalog.

Hope the information is helpful for you to plan your proposals.

Looking forward to seeing your good ideas very soon!!!!    (30 days to go!!)

Blog Page

Posted by: QQmei | December 12, 2014

Possible Sites for “Fragile- Handle with Care”

There are many possible Sites for the 2015 Art Project, including all shallow areas in the wetlands as well as open spaces in the village. We welcome your creative proposals to help Cheng Long Village and Wetlands become better!!

Please check the full CALL here:

Remember the deadline for proposals is January 16, 2015.  You can post any questions here on the Blog or email the Curator at . Looking forward to seeing your proposal! :)

The theme of the 2015 Chenglong Wetlands International Art Project is “Fragile, Handle with Care!”, please download the Call for Proposals here : The Curator will choose the artists and artworks based on the following criteria:
<2015成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫>正在徵件中!! 本次藝術計畫主題是<<易碎品, 小心守護!>>,以下是策展人對本次藝術計畫的期待與選擇藝術家及作品的標準:



  • Art with an Environmental Focus – Choose artists and large-scale artworks that are eco art, earth/land art, art in nature, community art, public art…all art should have a focus on the fragile local environment and relate to global issues about preserving clean water, air and soil as well as being good quality contemporary art. Choose artists who are hands-on and can build the artwork themselves as well as work with children and community volunteers. The artists should be experienced in making large sculpture/artwork outdoors with natural and biodegradable materials. The artists should use only biodegradable materials (natural or recycled) and environmentally friendly techniques, and the artworks should go back to nature over time (biodegrade), and it is not necessary to remove or deconstruct them unless the Foundation wants to do that.  There should be a compromise and balance between concerns about permanency and concerns about the environment, and artworks should last for one year or more in a safe condition to be enjoyed by visitors.  Choose artists who have a commitment to the environment and raising public awareness as well as being professional artists with a commitment to making art.


  • Art with a Focus on Community Development and Raising Local Pride – The artworks should have a community public art focus and be large-scale site-specific artworks that enliven the community and enhance the area as a destination for those interested in the environment and art. The artists should involve local children and adults in their process and allow for active collaboration to create the artworks. Choose artists who work well with children and local people (volunteers and visitors) as well as other artists and staff.  Choose artworks that are spectacular and attractive enough to attract new visitors or different kinds of visitors.  The emphasis will be on having high quality contemporary art that can gain international recognition, but are also artworks that have appeal to local people of all ages and people from different cultures.


  • Art with an International Cultural Exchange Focus –Choose artworks that have an international appeal, but that are made specifically for this art project and for this place.  The artists should have experience working with different cultures and be interested in cultural exchange, learning about Taiwan and the local area, and also teaching others about their own culture; also the artists should be able to adapt easily to a new culture and a new environment since this project is for a short intense residency time in Taiwan.  Choose artists from different cultures and unique cultures that will be of interest to local people and children; all artists must speak English at least enough to communicate.  Also, choose two or more artists from Taiwan that can represent Taiwan well and also interact well with artists from different cultures and bring in connections to Taiwan’s history, art, crafts, technology and environmental concerns and help to interpret local culture.
Posted by: janeingramallen | November 17, 2014

徵件公告>> Announcing the 2015 Call for Proposals

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are pleased to announce the 2015 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project will take place from April 9 – May 4, 2015. Proposals will be due by January 16, 2015.
我們很高興在此宣佈2015成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫, 將於2015年4月9日至5月4日舉辦. 即日起開始徵件, 至2015年1月16日止.

Artists from all over the world are invited to send a proposal for the 2015 art project in Cheng Long village, Yunlin County, Taiwan. 3 Foreign artists and 2 Taiwanese artists will be selected to create large-scale outdoor environmental art installations at public sites in the community and the wetlands working with children in the local elementary school, volunteers and villagers. The theme for 2015 is “Fragile – Handle With Care”, and for this 6th year of the international environmental art project we want to emphasize the fragility of the local and global environment facing such problems as global warming, rising water, soil salinization, water pollution and other environmental issues.
歡迎世界各地的藝術家踴躍提案, 我們預計從中選出3位國外藝術家及2位台灣藝術家,進駐成龍村,和成龍國小的學童.村民及志工們,一起在村內空地及溼地邊,共同完成大型的戶外裝置藝術. 2015年的主題是<易碎品–小心守護>, 我們想要強調的是在面對全球暖化,海平面上昇,土壤鹽化,水污染及其他環境議題時,區域及全球環境之脆弱.

For more information about Cheng Long and about the art project see the previous entries on this Blog and the environmental education website about Cheng Long at Artists with specific questions not answered after reviewing all the online material may contact the curator Jane Ingram Allen at
更多有關成龍村或藝術計畫的訊息, 請參見本部落格從前的貼文, 也可以至“成龍溼地三代班”的部落格, 了解觀樹教育基金會在成龍村執行的環境教育計畫. 如果您在閱讀過此二部落格後, 仍有問題未能獲得解答, 請與策展人艾婕音連絡:

Hope to see your Proposal soon!

Download the complete Call for Proposals here 下載徵件公告:
Call for Proposals – 2015 Chenglong Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.doc
Call for Proposals – 2015 Chenglong Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.pdf
徵件公告 — 2015 成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫.doc
徵件公告 — 2015 成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫.pdf

ps.>> the Curatorial Vision for the 2015 International Environmental Art Project will come very soon in the next post…..策展人對於本次藝術計畫提案的期待, 將在下篇部落格揭露,敬請期待!!

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