The 5 international artists selected for the 2016 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project (Amar from Mongolia, Claudia from Argentina, Elena from Italy, Justin from Canada, Chris Lee from Taiwan) and a team of Cheng Long Villagers are really working hard with their volunteers, children and villagers helping out to finish all the big outdoor environmental sculptures by the opening press conference on Friday morning, April 29 at 10AM. Everything is looking good for the finish!

It is now hot and sunny in Cheng Long village, and we are hoping the weather continues to be good for the public opening weekend activities on Saturday April 30 from 2:30 to 5:30PM and on Sunday May 1 from 9:30 to 11:30 AM and again on Sunday afternoon from 2:30 to 5:30 PM. Everyone is invited to come out that weekend to chat with the artists about their artworks and to participate in a DIY (Do It Yourself) art activity with each artist at their site around Cheng Long Wetlands.

Here are some photos showing how the artworks are looking now and the progress being made. It also shows some of the public participation with children, volunteers and village people helping the artists. We are all enjoying the warm hospitality of the village and the wonderful seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables in Cheng Long village. Thank you everyone from Jane Ingram Allen, Curator of the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.  Photos here are by Timothy S. Allen (

Amar class splitting recycled bamboo IMG_289529 Amar tying his big water container IMG_310257 Amar's big water containers taking shape IMG_28067 Amar's class helps tie his artworkIMG_303448 Chris artwork grows across the water to small land IMG_27973 Chris makes a bamboo gate for the fishermen at his artwork IMG_309155 chris village volunteer helps make a fence and gate IMG_308654 Claudia and her class working together IMG_303147 Claudia and kids make flower center IMG_293133 claudia makes another big flower IMG_283515 Elena and 6th grader gathering materials IMG_294835 Elena installing her artwork on bird blindIMG_283817 Elena volunteer weaving basket shape Elena's 6th graders collecting materialschris 1st grader makes structure for his artwork IMG_296439Justin working in the wetlands IMG_283314 Justin's class makes lanterns from recycled cans IMG_297841 Justin's class walking to wetlands to help the artist IMG_288726 Justin's raft roofs, floor almost finished, waiting for roofsIMG_27952 village woman brings bubble milk tea for artists and volunteers IMG_309456 villager's artwork and bridge roof beginning IMG_285420 villager's artwork and one of the main workers IMG_28025


The weather has been much better recently in Cheng Long village, Yunlin County, Taiwan, and we are all happy there is no more rain these days and a lot of the water is drying up.  The artists and volunteers have continued to work very hard to get the environmental artworks finished by the opening on April 29.  The public opening activities will be during the weekend of April 30 and May 1, and each international artist will have some sort of DIY (Do It Yourself) activity at their site in the wetlands to engage people and chat with visitors.  Watch this Blog and our Facebook page for more information and details about the opening weekend activities for the 2016 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.

The artists selected for the project this year are making works on the theme “Meet the Future in Cheng Long – The Next 30 Years”.   For this year’s art project we are happy to have Amar from Mongolia, Claudia from Argentina, Elena from Italy, living in Norway, Justin from Canada, living in Finland and Chris Lee from Taiwan.  This year for the first time a team of Cheng Long villagers is also creating an artwork.

Here are some photos of each artist’s work showing the progress they are making.  A big thank you to all the hard working artists and the volunteers.  Also, to the many volunteers and children in Cheng Long village who come out to help the artists.

Elena on 4:19 IMG_162161 Justin on 4:19IMG_160055 Amar detail on 4:19 IMG_157650 Amar on 4:19 IMG_157049 villlagers artwork on 4:19 IMG_154744 Elena detail on 4:19 IMG_154343 Chris on 4:19IMG_150534 chris detail on 4:19 IMG_149130 Claudia on 4:19 one flower IMG_145923 Claudia detail tying on 4:19 IMG_144221 Elena detail on 4:19 closer IMG_140611 Amar detail on 4:19 IMG_13897 Jane and Amar talk in wetlands on 4:19 IMG_13836 bird on Justin's roof raft IMG_122652 many working together to move Justin's 2nd raft IMG_116244 villagers detail on 4:18IMG_098016













Keep watching this Blog to see the finished artworks!






























Photos here are by Timothy S. Allen (  This art project is curated by Jane Ingram Allen ( from USA.  Jane first came to Taiwan in 2004 with a Fulbright grant and has lived and worked as a full-time resident in Taiwan from 2004 – 2012.

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2016 Artworks Taking Shape in Cheng Long Wetlands

All of the 2016 artists are working very hard now in Cheng Long Wetlands creating their large-scale environmental sculpture installations on this year’s theme of “Meet the Future in Cheng Long – the Next 30 Years”.

cutting bamboo in the rainIt has been very rainy with a big downpour of heavy rain just about every afternoon. Now there is much more water than usual in the wetlands, and that has made working conditions for the artists a bit difficult. All are coping with the weather well and finding a way to get started making the proposed sculptures. Thanks also to the wonderful volunteers for all of their help.






Here you can see Justin Tyler Tate from Canada now living in Finland, and his volunteer Molly putting the first of his “Raft Roofs” into the water of the wetlands with the help of some other volunteers.  Justin will build two more “raft roofs”, even larger than this one. Now they are putting in the floor and adding more to the structure, but wanted to get it moved into the water first so it would be not too heavy to move easily. These floating sculptures will be very impressive in the vast expanse of water in the wetlands.justin and volunteers putting in first raftIMG_036552






amar and volunteers unload bamboo in wetlands


In this photo artist Amarsaikhan Namsraijav from Mongolia and his volunteer Phoenix are moving his large recycled bamboo poles collected at the nearby seashore to the wetlands area where he will construct his sculptural carts inspired by the nomadic culture of Mongolia. You can see that his site near the entrance to the wetlands is full of water now, but we hope the land will dry out after the weather gets sunny for a few days.


Artist Claudia Aranovich from Argentina is building sculptural flowers for her installation using bamboo as a material for the first time. She and her volunteer Yu-chen are making a minimum of 3 large flowers that will be installed in the shallow water and some spots of land in the wetlands. Here shows the beginning of the first flower, and Claudia plans to make the others larger.claudia begins flower constructionIMG_044968









Elena Redaelli, 2016 artist from Italy now living in Norway, is building her installation in many parts that will be installed on the bird blind building. She and her volunteer Yenz have many helpers including school kids and villagers to create the wetlands-inspired animals and plants for her artwork. Elena is using many fiber art techniques and a variety of natural and recycled biodegradable materials found around Cheng Long.Elena and volunteers creating together








Our Taiwanese artist for 2016 is Chris Lee (Lee Kuei-chih) from Taipei, and he is creating his bridge-like sculptural creating starting from a traditional fishing hut building that is no longer being used. He and his volunteer Gigi are using driftwood and recycled bamboo and other found materials, and the sculpture is growing out of the building, over the water and reaching up to the sky. Chris even used one old wooden chair in his artwork for that was part of Ya-chu Kang’s giant table artwork “Reservations” she created for the 2014 art project in Cheng Long.chris lee artwork coming out of hut


In 2016 a team of Cheng Long villagers is also creating an artwork. Their work titled “Bridge to the Future” is made with all biodegradable materials and techniques and is really strong and sturdy to provide a way for visitors to go further out into the wetlands. Here you can see the construction in process.villagers artwork in progress IMG_949236






jane talks with guest from UK Yasmine & LukeIMG_018429

Curator, Jane Ingram Allen, USA, is also staying in Cheng Long during the 25 days of the art project to help the artists and volunteers finish all the artworks for the opening on April 29. There will be public activities with the artists at each site during the weekend of April 30 and May 1.

Keep checking this Blog for updates on the progress of the 2016 artworks. Photos here are by Timothy S. Allen (

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2016 Art Project Begins

Jane and Chris meet Elena at Yunlin StationThe 5 international artists selected for 2016 arrived in Cheng Long on April 7 to begin the art project. The 5 artists are Chris (Kuei-chih) from Taiwan, Amar from Mongolia, Elena from Italy, Justin from Canada and Claudia from Argentina. Curator Jane from USA and her husband Tim are also spending the 25 days, April 7 to May 2, in Cheng Long for this year’s art project. This photo shows Jane and Chris greeting Elena at the Yunlin HSR Station.



It has been a very busy time getting the 2016 art project started. We went to Cheng Long Elementary School on Friday to meet the children and had a wonderful welcome performance from the students in grades 1 to 6 at the school. This photo shows the younger kids doing a welcome song and dance for the artists.

Children's song and dance at school to welcome artists







We had a Welcome Party at the Cheng Long village temple courtyard on Saturday evening, April 9. The food was great and everyone enjoyed meeting the villagers and guests. The artists made short presentations for the audience after the dinner. Here’s a group photo on the temple steps at the end of the Welcome Party.

everyone after welcome party on temple steps








Artists took a tour of the Wetlands with the curator, staff and volunteers to select the final sites for each artwork, and we also found a place that each artist can use as a studio or working space nearby. In this photo the artists, curator and volunteers are walking out into the wetlands to check out a possible site for Chris’s artwork.

artists, curator, volunteers walk to look at possible site for Chris's artwork







We took a trip to Xi-Lou town in Yunlin County to see the studio of 2015 Cheng Long artist Chao-chang Lee and had a wonderful natural lunch cooked by the artists and volunteers. We also visited a bamboo master in Xi Lou to learn some bamboo working techniques, since bamboo is a new material for all these artists except the Taiwanese artist Chris. This photo shows Claudia trying out the bamboo splitting tool.Claudia splits bamboo pole with special splitting tool

That evening the artists and volunteers also got to experience the crazy Matsu Festival in XiLou. Next day we went to find recycled and natural materials that artists could use to create the 2016 artworks. We went to the nearby recycling center where artists found some interesting materials. This photo shows Chris and Amar sorting through some possible recycled things to use as materials.Chris and Amar check for materials at the recycling center






We also went to the nearby seashore where there is lots of recycled bamboo washed up on shore from old oyster farming platforms. This photo shows Justin, Amar and a volunteer gathering recycled bamboo at the seashore. The other photo shows the artists and volunteers pushing the large bamboo down the concrete embankment at the seashore to be loaded on a truck from the recycling center and brought to Cheng Long village where the artists are working to make the 2016 artworks.

Justin, Amar and volunteer collect big bamboo driftwood poles at the seashoreartists and volunteers slide bamboo poles down the concrete embankment at the seashore

The 2016 artworks will be created from all recycled and natural materials that are biodegradable and that can go back into the nature preserve area of the wetlands without harming the environment. We will be tying with natural rope and using bamboo nails and other eco-friendly ways of constructing the large-scale outdoor sculptures. This photo shows Elena looking at some local natural plant fibers for possible use in her artwork.

Elena checking local plants for possible fibers to use in her work









A big “Thank You” to all the volunteers who work so hard every day with their artist to build the artwork and also help with translation and understanding the local culture.

Please look at previous posts to see the sketches of the artworks to be made in 2016. Hope everyone can come to the opening weekend on April 30 and May 1. Keep checking this Blog for more posts to see the progress on the 5 artworks being made for the 2016 art project on the theme of “Meet the Future in Cheng Long – the Next 30 Years”.

Photos on this post are by Timothy S. Allen (

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A Proposed artwork from the Villagers


In the wetlands, there is a way which used to be the ridge of fields and also the route to farming land for villagers. 30 years ago, a typhoon called Wayne hit Taiwan and brought sea water into the village, flooding the route and the farming land. The water never goes away, so the farms were gone and left only in memories. So the wetlands and its avian ecosystem have become the new landscape, and the villagers have learned to accept the change and live with nature. 30 years later, on this way, we would build up a bridge for people getting closer to the wetlands. The bridge and its reflection on the water would form a circle, symbolizing fulfillment and harmony of humans and environment. The bridge would lead to a platform where people could observe the birds and also enjoy the scenery. Walking into the wetlands, people could feel a connection with the nature and the birds, with whom to live and to share. When we learn to cherish the environment, we could create a different future for Cheng Long.



ps. 為了在藝術家駐村期間亦能協助藝術家們的創作, 目前部份村民已開始著手進行這項作品的材料收集與前置作業, 待竹材到齊, 天候好轉, 就會趕快動工!!

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來自藝術家的問候>> Hello from Claudia

retrato 2013
I want to say HELLO!

I live in Buenos Aires, the capital of my country, Argentina.  We are in the south of South America, looking to the Atlantic Ocean.  It is a city of 5 million people living there, but during the day we have 8 to 10 million people. We speak Spanish. I learned English at the high school.  My studio and house is located in the historic and touristic San Telmo neighbourhood, where foreigners come to learn the tango dance.
我住在布宜諾斯艾利斯(Buenos Aires),這裡是我的國家—阿根廷的首都,位在南美洲的南部,面對著大西洋。這是一個有500萬人居住的城市,但是在白天卻有高達800萬到1000萬人在此活動。我們的語言是西班牙文,我是在中學的時候開始學英文的。我的工作室和住家位在歷史觀光景點San Telmo附近,許多的訪客到這裡來學習探戈舞。

I am a sculptor and also a professor of art. The subject of my sculptures is usually the nature. I love to teach and discover new ways with my students, and I hope I will discover many new things and ways of living with you. I love the nature and to observe the trees and animals.  We are worried now in my country because of the global warming, as we are converting step by step into a tropical country, something we have never been before.

I want to encourage you all to help me with my work, covering the petals of my flowers with local natural materials.  You are all welcome to create a legend about my works.

Hope to see you soon and enjoy being together.
期待能早日見面,和你們在一起 🙂


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來自藝術家的問候>>Hello from Chris Lee

I’m Lee, Kuei-Chih, born in Tuko town of Yunlin county. I have another name – “Chris”.

I like to make large-scale natural installation artworks outdoors. It is always a happy thing when you work with the nature, and you also accumulate a lot of experience in the process.

I usually use local materials to create my work, because reducing the journey for the materials to travel, as well as reducing the journey for our food is important for me.

Each place has its unique background and story. This artwork is called “2046 Relic”, and it is an imaginary scenario for the future.There are a lot of bridges to the future, so I need a lot of wood to build it, and what will the new bio look like?

Let us create the next 30-year picture of it!

IMG_8016 (Large)

IMG_8052 (Large)“Guiding the Sand / 沙引”  by Chris Lee


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來自藝術家的問候>>Hello from Amar

Amarsaikhan.N .

Hello, My name is Amarsaikhan.N.   You can call me Amar.
哈囉, 我的名字是Amarsaikhan.N.,你們可以叫我Amar。

I am an artist from Mongolia. I was born in Sukhbaatar province, in the steppe country of Mongolia. The steppe is a dry plain area or eco-region that has some grass and not so many trees. It is almost like desert. Now I live in the city of Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. Mongolia is a beautiful country with mountain, forest, steppe, river, and desert. Our country has four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We are also a big Nomadic Culture, which means the people move around with the seasons.
我出生於蒙古的蘇赫巴托省(Sukhbaatar province),這是蒙古的一個大草原地區。大草原是一片乾燥的平原,是一種特殊的生態區域;有一些草,沒有什麼樹;幾乎就像沙漠一樣。蒙古是一個非常漂亮的國家,有高山、森林、大草原、河流和沙漠。我們的國家春、夏、秋、冬四季分明。我們還有非常特殊的游牧文化,也就是我們會隨著季節遷移住所。

My art work concept is about Nomadic Culture. So I will make carts because our forefather used cart for moving the family and all their goods around with the changing seasons.

I have two sons, one daughter and a wife, now we live in Ulaanbaatar,capital of Mongolia. Also I have a Mother, Father, four sisters and one brother that all live in Sukhbaatar province.

I am looking forward to all the experiences in Cheng Long.
See you soon .

All the best

Artist 藝術家 /  Amarsaikhan.N

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來自藝術家的問候>>Hello from Elena

Elene (KaSo) (66)

Hello everyone 🙂
I’m Elena Redaelli and I come from Bosisio Parini, a small village in Northern Italy. I’m currently living in Norway in a beautiful city called Stavanger.
哈囉,大家好!我是Elena,我來自義大利北部的一個小村落Bosisio Parini。現在我住在挪威一個很漂亮的城市,叫作「史塔萬格」(Stavanger)。

Image 1

I like to travel and discover different cultures, different landscapes, try different foods and see with my own eyes the weirdest and cutest animals.
Image 2

 Every country I visit, combined with my own roots give new inspirations to  my work.

Together we are going to look around us in Cheng Long natural environment in search of plants and water creatures we like, that are beautiful, funny or meaningful to us; something special we can look at and learn from.

We are going to make drawings and use our imagination to build up small sculptures and invent our own new nature.

I look forward to meet all of you and to have fun while creating together.

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來自藝術家的問候>> Hello from Justin

2013 Justin Tyler Tate (tram)
Hei, kids!
I’m Justin…a Canadian that grew up in America and who now lives in Europe. Mostly my work involves building things out of wood, metal, plastics and electronics but sometimes I draw, take photos, write and cook…experimenting, learning and taking things apart is also really important for what I do as an artist. I’m currently doing my Master’s degree in Finland (a very cold country at the top of Europe). I’m super excited to be in ChengLong and to meet all of you!
See you soon and greetings from snowy Finland,

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