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A Proposed artwork from the Villagers


In the wetlands, there is a way which used to be the ridge of fields and also the route to farming land for villagers. 30 years ago, a typhoon called Wayne hit Taiwan and brought sea water into the village, flooding the route and the farming land. The water never goes away, so the farms were gone and left only in memories. So the wetlands and its avian ecosystem have become the new landscape, and the villagers have learned to accept the change and live with nature. 30 years later, on this way, we would build up a bridge for people getting closer to the wetlands. The bridge and its reflection on the water would form a circle, symbolizing fulfillment and harmony of humans and environment. The bridge would lead to a platform where people could observe the birds and also enjoy the scenery. Walking into the wetlands, people could feel a connection with the nature and the birds, with whom to live and to share. When we learn to cherish the environment, we could create a different future for Cheng Long.



ps. 為了在藝術家駐村期間亦能協助藝術家們的創作, 目前部份村民已開始著手進行這項作品的材料收集與前置作業, 待竹材到齊, 天候好轉, 就會趕快動工!!

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來自藝術家的問候>> Hello from Claudia

retrato 2013
I want to say HELLO!

I live in Buenos Aires, the capital of my country, Argentina.  We are in the south of South America, looking to the Atlantic Ocean.  It is a city of 5 million people living there, but during the day we have 8 to 10 million people. We speak Spanish. I learned English at the high school.  My studio and house is located in the historic and touristic San Telmo neighbourhood, where foreigners come to learn the tango dance.
我住在布宜諾斯艾利斯(Buenos Aires),這裡是我的國家—阿根廷的首都,位在南美洲的南部,面對著大西洋。這是一個有500萬人居住的城市,但是在白天卻有高達800萬到1000萬人在此活動。我們的語言是西班牙文,我是在中學的時候開始學英文的。我的工作室和住家位在歷史觀光景點San Telmo附近,許多的訪客到這裡來學習探戈舞。

I am a sculptor and also a professor of art. The subject of my sculptures is usually the nature. I love to teach and discover new ways with my students, and I hope I will discover many new things and ways of living with you. I love the nature and to observe the trees and animals.  We are worried now in my country because of the global warming, as we are converting step by step into a tropical country, something we have never been before.

I want to encourage you all to help me with my work, covering the petals of my flowers with local natural materials.  You are all welcome to create a legend about my works.

Hope to see you soon and enjoy being together.
期待能早日見面,和你們在一起 🙂


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來自藝術家的問候>>Hello from Chris Lee

I’m Lee, Kuei-Chih, born in Tuko town of Yunlin county. I have another name – “Chris”.

I like to make large-scale natural installation artworks outdoors. It is always a happy thing when you work with the nature, and you also accumulate a lot of experience in the process.

I usually use local materials to create my work, because reducing the journey for the materials to travel, as well as reducing the journey for our food is important for me.

Each place has its unique background and story. This artwork is called “2046 Relic”, and it is an imaginary scenario for the future.There are a lot of bridges to the future, so I need a lot of wood to build it, and what will the new bio look like?

Let us create the next 30-year picture of it!

IMG_8016 (Large)

IMG_8052 (Large)“Guiding the Sand / 沙引”  by Chris Lee


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來自藝術家的問候>>Hello from Amar

Amarsaikhan.N .

Hello, My name is Amarsaikhan.N.   You can call me Amar.
哈囉, 我的名字是Amarsaikhan.N.,你們可以叫我Amar。

I am an artist from Mongolia. I was born in Sukhbaatar province, in the steppe country of Mongolia. The steppe is a dry plain area or eco-region that has some grass and not so many trees. It is almost like desert. Now I live in the city of Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. Mongolia is a beautiful country with mountain, forest, steppe, river, and desert. Our country has four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We are also a big Nomadic Culture, which means the people move around with the seasons.
我出生於蒙古的蘇赫巴托省(Sukhbaatar province),這是蒙古的一個大草原地區。大草原是一片乾燥的平原,是一種特殊的生態區域;有一些草,沒有什麼樹;幾乎就像沙漠一樣。蒙古是一個非常漂亮的國家,有高山、森林、大草原、河流和沙漠。我們的國家春、夏、秋、冬四季分明。我們還有非常特殊的游牧文化,也就是我們會隨著季節遷移住所。

My art work concept is about Nomadic Culture. So I will make carts because our forefather used cart for moving the family and all their goods around with the changing seasons.

I have two sons, one daughter and a wife, now we live in Ulaanbaatar,capital of Mongolia. Also I have a Mother, Father, four sisters and one brother that all live in Sukhbaatar province.

I am looking forward to all the experiences in Cheng Long.
See you soon .

All the best

Artist 藝術家 /  Amarsaikhan.N

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來自藝術家的問候>>Hello from Elena

Elene (KaSo) (66)

Hello everyone 🙂
I’m Elena Redaelli and I come from Bosisio Parini, a small village in Northern Italy. I’m currently living in Norway in a beautiful city called Stavanger.
哈囉,大家好!我是Elena,我來自義大利北部的一個小村落Bosisio Parini。現在我住在挪威一個很漂亮的城市,叫作「史塔萬格」(Stavanger)。

Image 1

I like to travel and discover different cultures, different landscapes, try different foods and see with my own eyes the weirdest and cutest animals.
Image 2

 Every country I visit, combined with my own roots give new inspirations to  my work.

Together we are going to look around us in Cheng Long natural environment in search of plants and water creatures we like, that are beautiful, funny or meaningful to us; something special we can look at and learn from.

We are going to make drawings and use our imagination to build up small sculptures and invent our own new nature.

I look forward to meet all of you and to have fun while creating together.

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來自藝術家的問候>> Hello from Justin

2013 Justin Tyler Tate (tram)
Hei, kids!
I’m Justin…a Canadian that grew up in America and who now lives in Europe. Mostly my work involves building things out of wood, metal, plastics and electronics but sometimes I draw, take photos, write and cook…experimenting, learning and taking things apart is also really important for what I do as an artist. I’m currently doing my Master’s degree in Finland (a very cold country at the top of Europe). I’m super excited to be in ChengLong and to meet all of you!
See you soon and greetings from snowy Finland,

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如果你對「大地藝術 / 環境藝術計畫」有興趣,台灣歷史資源經理學會近期有辦理一系列「瀨戶內海國際藝術祭系列講座」(明天就有一場喔!),歡迎大家有空可以前往參與。


祝福大家  晚安  好夢 🙂

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More About the 2016 ChengLong Artists

Everyone always wonders about the winners and why they were in the end selected.We already posted the sketches for what the 2016 selected artists propose to create in Cheng Long Wetlands.   All the artists selected have experience making large outdoor sculptures with biodegradable materials, and all are concerned about the environment and enjoy working with children and community people.  Most of these artists have applied several times before to this art project and really want to come to Cheng Long and share a cultural and creative experience with the local community.

Here are more about the 2016 selected artists:

Amarsaikhan Namsraijav (Amar) from  Mongolia
Amar from Mongolia will create 2 or 3 cart-like sculptures that are inspired by the traditional nomadic culture of Mongolia.  One idea he proposed is to make the carts to actually carry water and have many containers of water on the carts to show how water may need to be moved around, since some areas have too much water and some have too little due to climate change and global warming.  His other proposal is to make the cart sculptures without having them to carry water but instead be for carrying people and all their home belongings to a new place, since some land will no longer be good for living if global warming and climate change continues.  His artwork can make us think about how many people may be forced to move with rising water and global warming.  These carts will be sited on the sinking land in the wetlands or in areas of shallow water.   Amar’s land in Mongolia has a very different problem than Cheng Long; in Mongolia it is very dry and there is increasing desertification instead of sinking land and rising water.
Amarsaikhan Namsraijav (Amar, 蒙古)
來自蒙古的Amar將要創作二或三個像蒙古傳統遊牧文化的拖車。他提案的其中一個想法是製作一台可以載水的車,車上有許多裝水的容器,提醒著我們因為氣候變遷及全球暖化,有些地方太多水、有些地方缺水,水有可能需要被運來搬去。另一個想法則不同於載水的車,而是載人的車,因為全球暖化,氣候持續異常,許多地方不再適合居住,人們需要搬遷到新的住所。Amar的作品可以引發我們思考:有多少人可能遭受全球暖化及海平面上升的威脅?他所創作的推車將會裝置在下陷的土地上,或是溼地的淺水區。Amar 所居住的蒙古,和成龍村面對的是完全不同的環境問題;蒙古非常的乾且沙漠化日趨嚴重;成龍則是持續地層下陷,受到海水位上升的威脅。

sketch for cart to move water

Claudia Aranovich from Argentina
Claudia from Argentina will create a series of “flowers for hope” using natural and biodegradable materials from Cheng Long area such as bamboo and reeds.  The sculptural flowers will be sited in the wetlands in shallow water areas or on the sinking land.  They will be different heights and sizes and remind us of the symbolic meaning of the lotus in Chinese culture.  The lotus rises from the mud above the water and is a symbol of purity, renewal and long life.  Her flower sculptures will remind us of the beauty of nature and the hope for a better environment that flowers symbolize.
Claudia Aranovich(阿根廷)
來自阿根廷的Claudia將要利用成龍村的自然或可分解的素材,例如竹子或蘆葦,創作一系列的「 希望之花」。這些花朵雕塑將會被裝置在溼地的淺水區或是在下陷的土地上,有著不同的高度及尺寸大小。蓮花在中華文化裡有出汙泥而不染、重生等象徵,Claudia創作的花朵也提醒我們自然之美,以及追求更美好環境的希望。
tw sketch

Elena Redaelli from Italy living in Norway
Elena from Italy and now living in Norway will create an installation with many different parts that everyone in the community as well as the children can join in.  She will create a sort of coral reef on land in Cheng Long Wetlands using the endangered coral reefs around the world as a symbol of our fragile ecosystem.  She will create many sea creatures such as mollusks, crabs, clams and other animals living in the wetlands from recycled fabrics and clothing and natural rope as well as shells, driftwood, bamboo pieces and other natural materials collected in Cheng Long.  Her sculpture installation can be in different parts of the wetlands and even on some of the existing structures, power poles and other elements in the wetlands area of Cheng Long.  Her sculpture installation raises awareness about the endangered creatures living in the wetlands and our fragile ecosystem and hopes to make us more careful about protecting our environment.
Elena Redaelli (生於義大利/現居挪威)


Justin Tyler Tate from Canada living in Finland
Justin is from Canada, originally and has lived in the USA and Europe and is now living in Finland.  Justin will create some floating sculptures that he calls “raft roofs” for the Cheng Long Wetlands.  Justin plans to make 3 “raft roof” sculptures of various sizes and shapes and construct them from bamboo, driftwood or scrap wood.  His sculptures will float out in the deep water of the wetlands.  His artwork suggests a possible solution for the future if waters keep rising and flooding the land.  People can turn their house roofs into floating rafts that can be used for shelter and floating on the water until rescue arrives to take them to dry land.  He plans to live on one of his “raft roofs” for one night or more and share with the children and community his experience of living on the water in Cheng Long Wetlands.
Justin Tyler Tate (生於加拿大/現居芬蘭)
Justin來自加拿大,曾住過美國、歐洲,目前住在芬蘭。Justin將要製作三個他稱作「浮筏屋頂」的漂浮物在成龍溼地裡;這些「浮筏屋頂」會有不同的尺寸及形式,以竹子、漂流木及廢木料製作而成,完成的作品會漂浮在溼地的深水區裡。 他的作品為未來持續升高的海平面及淹水的土地提出了可能的解決方案:未來的房子屋頂或可設計成可以漂浮及遮風避雨的浮筏,當淹水時人們可以躲在其中、漂浮在水上,直到被救援到陸地。他打算在完成的「浮筏屋頂」裡住上一兩晚,之後和孩子及村民分享在成龍溼地水中生活的經驗。


Chris Lee (Kuei-chih) from Taiwan
Chris (Kuei-chih) is from Yunlin, Taiwan living in Taipei, and he will create a large sculpture installation with bamboo, driftwood, shells, grass, soil, and other local natural materials that he is calling “2046 Relic”.  His artwork will help us think about what the next 30 years might bring.  His artwork is a sort of imaginary bridge to the future and will have parts on land and then going over the water and then up into the sky.  His artwork is an imaginary view of the future and carries some worry along with some humor and stresses the human impact on the environment and asks us to think about what the Wetlands might be like in 2046.


Keep watching this Blog for the next Posts.  We will be asking the 2016 artists to send a “Hello” message to Cheng Long and tell more about themselves so the children in Cheng Long can get to know them a little even before they arrive in Cheng Long on April 7.

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Announcing the 2016 Selected Artists

Thank you again to all the artists around the world who submitted proposals for the 2016 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project. As you know we had 178 entries from artists in 54 different countries. It has been a difficult job to just choose 5 artists from so many good applications. We hope many of the artists who applied in 2016 will apply again for 2017.

We are happy to announce the 5 selected artists:

Amarsaikhan Namsraijav (Amar) from Mongolia
Amarsaikhan Namsraijav (Amar, 蒙古)
Amar sketch 2 carts in wetlands

Claudia Aranovich from Argentina
Claudia Aranovich(阿根廷)

tw sketch
Elena Redaelli from Italy living in Norway
Elena Redaelli (生於義大利/現居挪威)

Justin Tyler Tate from Canada living in Finland
Justin Tyler Tate (生於加拿大/現居芬蘭)
Chris Lee (Kuei-chih) from Taiwan

The sketch for each of the 5 selected artists is posted here. But, it is not just the sketch that must fit the theme and the requirements of this project. This year all the artworks will be in the wetlands nature preserve area, and artists must use all biodegradable materials (either natural or recycled) that can go back to nature over time and not harm the environment of the wetlands (air, soil, plants, wildlife, water)…and still last through wind, rain and hot sun for about one year. Later we will make another post to explain more about what these artists will be creating and why they were selected this year.

We look forward to welcoming these artists in Cheng Long from April 7 to May 2!





VolunteerWorking Holiday with Artists @ ChengLong Wetlands

時間:2016年4月6日(抵達) ~ 5月2日(離開)


活動費用:全免,由農委會林務局、雲林縣政府專案補助。(無誠者勿試!!! 經通知入選者,我們不想收保證金,但我們也經不起被放鴿子,此區人力調度困難,請以誠信為重!)


另於工作假期中需準備個人的一份與環境或藝術相關的簡報/才藝/作品進行分享(當然要用英文說囉~),結束後三周內繳交不限表現方式的心得分享一則 ( 算是給過去一個月的自己留下紀錄,也算是回饋給這片豐富你一個月的小村莊的謝禮吧!)。


請一定要有”絕不低頭”–暫別手機網路、facebook的勇氣,以及和7-11一刀兩斷的決心。再次重申:本工作假期保証工作量很大(絕不虛假!)”假期”自在人心! 請一定要有任勞任怨、不怕風吹日曬雨淋的體力及耐力。晒黑是一定會的,變瘦我們不敢說!(新鮮在地又當令的食材,怎麼忍心浪費?)


有志之士,請於3/4下載並填妥報名表2016 成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫–來去海口住一個月 志工報名表  emailQQ


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