The School

what does the school look like?….Here are some photos!

a playground

the main school building and the stage, where is a good place to take a nap in the summer!!


That's all the school 😀 it is very small, but lovely!!!

Many children are good at painting!! This is one of their lovely bulletin board.

only one class in each grade.

One classroom is our (Kuan Shu Educational Foundation) office. Outside our office, it always has a lot of stuff.

This is what our office looks like. Teachers came to help with our Project Long Stay--> see more pics, visit:

This is the classroom of the 4th Grade. Children clean their floor everyday, so they can sleep on the floor. Looks very nice, isn't it?

It is lunch time!! The selected artists will have opportunity to have lunch with children!!! It is very delicious, trust me!

All children and teachers in this school are excellent in Kite making and playing soccer!!!!

Children practice soccer when they have time. Some big trees around the playground, i wonder...can we have a tree house?

Welcome to the ChengLong Elementary School!!!! Don't forget to hand in your proposal by 12.02.2010. 😀


  1. Hello ChengLong School ,I’ve been looking at the wonderful work that you do and am very interested in applying for the sculpture installation. Just one thing are there lots of biting insects there as biting insects tend to like to eat me !

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Hi Chrissy,
      I think you already received my e mail to you about this question. But, I am also answering it here in case others want to know about the biting insects at Cheng Long.
      Of course there are some mosquitoes there and they bite us sometimes, but it is not a big problem in Cheng Long. As you may know there is no malaria in Taiwan so at least that is no worry from mosquito bites. Some bug repellent would be a good idea, but really we never noticed so many mosquitoes or other annoying insects in Cheng Long. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing your proposal sent by the Feb. 11 deadline.

  2. Dear Chrissy: don’t worry about biting insects. i cannot remember we have this problem……maybe just some mosquitos sometimes!
    The water here is salty and there is not so many plants for insects! This is why we need all artists help to improve the biodiversity here!!
    I will ask Jane to answer this question as well. She will be more fairer to tell you her experience.
    We are looking forword to seeing your proposals!
    With regards,

  3. Hello ,

    I love the colours in your school!Nice pictures.

    Today we have great news in Holland.
    We gonna spend 15 miljon euro’s to create a new
    I am proud that my countrie and yours are putting energy in saving nature.
    let us be an example for the world!

    With regards,
    Hellen Okx from Holland.

    • That is a great news, congrats and thank you for sharing us 🙂
      Let’s keep working for a better environment together in different parts of the wrold.
      cheers ~ 😀

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