IMG_1202Dear All,

The Laboratory for Microclimates is an ongoing art project realizing art and film projects around microclimates. A microclimate is a small area that differs from it’s surrounding area. With these projects, we encourage people to change their social and ecological environment.

Annechien Meier is an artist and the central theme of her work is the communication between people in urban or rural environments. In her installations, she explores such landscapes and cityscapes, urban agriculture, studying how people live and work there. She lives with her friend Joost and her rabbit Mauro in The Hague.
Annechin Meier是位藝術家,她的作品主要在探討都市和鄉村的人們如何相互溝通。她常常透過裝置作品,來呈現鄉村跟都市的地景、都市裡的農耕,還有人們如何工作跟生活。Annechin現在跟她的朋友Joost還有她的兔子Mauro一起住在荷蘭的海牙。

Gert-Jan Gerlach is a filmmaker and a conceptual designer. After twenty years of working in television where he specialized in translating difficult messages into clear visual productions, he enlisted in the Laboratory for Microclimates four years ago. Gert-Jan is single and lives together with his cat Bonkers in The Hague.
Gert-Jan Gerlach既是位影像工作者,也是個概念設計師。他在電視台工作了二十年,擅長把複雜的訊息轉化成簡潔的視覺意象。Gert-Jan在四年前加入「微氣候實驗室」,他目前單身,跟他的貓Bonker一起住在海牙。

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來自藝術家的問候-Inga say HELLO to Children

IngaBeing a mother of a nine years old boy and at the same illustrator of children’s’ literature,  I’m very interested in kids’ psychology and how to communicate with younger generation not affecting their minds, but to learn from them a lot. Especially learn how to be kind, respectful, joyful and free. Because YOU, Children, keep these pure emotions subconsciously and YOU have this very strength to act for PEACE.

After my happy childhood in a Soviet Georgia, there came a time (still now) when my Russian roots became unwelcomed in my country (because of a Russian-Georgian conflict). Moral fighting of society for democracy and independence became one of the main interests in my art.

Georgia is located at the crossroads of the Western Asia and Eastern Europe with population of three million people and the first Georgian tribes appear in written history in the 12th century BC. I have to mention that Georgian alphabet is one of the 14 existing alphabets in the world. The landscape is quite rich: mountains, plains, seaside so WELCOME to Georgia!

Now let’s get back to my profession again. After my graduation from State Academy of Arts I had a chance to travel and even volunteer with my husband for a month in Moroccan village, where we received an extreme experience and lots of good friends. We lived in a community and during the day we had wall painting workshops with local kids and had delicious dinner invitations in between. After these kind of experiences we learned how important is to value and live in love with environment. Friends, PRACTICE IT…



My son Saba turns nine on 12th of April, the date the date of my departure trip to Cheng Long Wetlands. At the moment he is busy at school, basketball, languages and especially at his aero-modelling classes. He is rather keen in all of my projects stuffs, so he made a HELLO drawing and wishes all the community to realize all of their dreams…….

hello from Saba

Hello from Saba (Inga的兒子Saba用圖畫和成龍村的大家問好)

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來自藝術家的問候>> Jane say Hello to Children

portrait_JaneLiouHello Everyone,

My name is Jane Liou. I was born in Wisconsin, USA and grew up in Hsinchu, Taiwan. I graduated in master of urban design and bachelor of architecture. Now I do the public art projects in Taiwan.
Last summer I participated North Coast Art Field and made the artwork near by the Shihsanhang Museum where is one of the most important historical place in Taiwan. The artworks were trying to use mud bricks to reinterpret the relationship between land, history, time and people. This time in Cheng Long, the installation of mud bricks will play the role of “home” to links human and nature and find the balance to coexist.
I am glad to have this great opportunity to make artwork with you in Cheng Long. Looking forward to meet you in April!

Piotr WESOLOWSKI -portrait photoHello everyone ~ 🙂

I’m Piotr, one of the participant for Cheng Long environmental art project. I’m living in Poland and working in Wroclaw one of the biggest cities in my country.

I’m a teacher on Technical University – Architecture Department and Academy of Fine Arts – Sculpture department.

Because I love nature closeness I moved out from a city to a country side to house beside forest and two lakes.

This will be second time for me to visit Taiwan. Last year I came to Taiwan for 2016 Keelung art project “Envisioning the Future of Our Oceans.”. I was very much impressed with the helpfulness and involvement of Taiwanese people. I am really happy that I can come again to Taiwan.

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My art work creations are trying to find some kind of a link between sculpture and architecture.

I cannot wait to find myself in Cheng Long and meeting all of you.

See you very soon!:)


很抱歉~ 隔了一天才公告錄取名單….


也謝謝大家的報名,特別是來自中國的朋友們,希望未來能有機會進行交流。在此也竭誠歡迎各位鄉親及各地好朋友,在藝術家駐村期間(4/13 -5/8)隨時過來給予我們協助,因為所有眾人所響往的美好環境藝術作品,除了創作素材取自環境外,環境裡眾人在創作過程中的努力,都是促使作品更完美、更持久的原因之一–「愛行動. 愛改變」,就從參與「2017成龍溼地國際環境藝術節」開始吧!

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來自藝術家的問候>> Hui say HELLO to children

Hello everyone,
20160811_141959I am artist Hui. I was born and grew up in Taipei, and have lived in Kaoshiung and taught art in Taiwan. I want to grad school in the USA and have lived and worked there for 10 years. I am very pleased for the opportunity to work with you and the kids in Cheng Long Wetlands, and I can’t wait to jump on the airplane! I like both city and country, technology and nature, and love to try different things and learn from experiences.

My grandfather is living in Penhu, and my father grew up eating fish. He has to eat fish every day till now. Aquarium has been one of the household items in my family, I have one with tropical fish and shrimps in my house in New York, too. I enjoy watching them swimming and listening to the water flow. It is a link to my hometown. I can speak Taiwanese, Chinese, and English, so I can be your translator. The only thing is I got arcing when switching between Taiwanese and English so wait to watch the funny situation 🙂
我爺爺家在澎湖,爸爸從小吃魚長大,現在還是一樣每天必吃。家裡一直都有魚缸,連我現在紐約的家也養了一缸魚和蝦,可以常常看他們、每天聽流水聲,感覺和家鄉親近許多。 我會講國語、台語、和英文,所以可以充當大家的翻譯機!只是英文跟台語之間轉換常常打結,到時候不要笑喔!

If you are interested in knowing my work and myself more, please visit: . You can also follow me on facebook here: . I am also a columnist in Chinese language for 2 magazines, writing about cross culture life and art. You can find out more on my facebook page. I am looking forward to meeting and working with you!
如果你們想看看我做過的其他作品與更詳細的自我介紹,可以上網頁 ,也可以在臉書追蹤我的頁面。同時我也有寫兩個專欄,討論藝文生活方面的想法和資訊,都可以在我的臉書專頁找到連結。很期待跟大家見面互相切磋學習!

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來自藝術家的問候>>Rob say HELLO to children

Sculptor Rob Mulholland in his studio in Aberfoyle near Stirling Scotland.Hello to everyone in Cheng Long!  My name is Rob Mulholland and I am a contemporary artist living in Scotland in the United Kingdom. The area we live in has many mountains, forests and Lochs [ Scottish for Lakes ] which is great for hill walking and mountain biking in, especially during the summer months. Scotland is a small country with just under six million people, but it has it’s own unique culture and I look forward to sharing this with everyone in Cheng Long.
成龍村的各位大家好!我的名字是Rob Mulholland,住在英國的蘇格蘭,我是一個當代藝術家。我住的地方有很多高山、森林和湖泊(蘇格蘭語的「湖泊」叫做「Lochs」),夏天的時候特別適合健行、騎越野單車。蘇格蘭是一個人口不到六百萬的小國家,卻有很獨特的文化,我很期待跟成龍村的大家分享。

Since leaving Edinburgh College of Art  I have focused on making my sculpture work in the natural environment. I love the freedom of working outdoors and the challenge to create an artistic statement that reflects my love of nature.

I have been fortunate to make my sculptures in many different countries. It’s such a rewarding experience working in different countries and getting to know people from different cultures, sharing stories and getting an insight into each others worlds.

I am married to my wife Susan. We often work on projects together, particularly with school and community art projects and it’s really great to get the chance to travel together. We have one child who is called Arran, named after a very beautiful island on the west coast of Scotland. He is currently a third year student of International Relations at St Andrews University in Scotland and he shares our love of traveling. He hopes to work overseas with a charitable organisation when he graduates next year. Our other family member is our dog ‘ Mimi’ she’s a little grey Lhasa Apso and very cute and likes people, especially children and wants to play all the time.

Very much looking forward to meeting everyone in Cheng Long in April and building my sculpture with the community.

Warmest regards,


Here is more information about the artists and their proposed artworks for the 2017 Cheng Long art project. We look forward to welcoming these artists to Cheng Long from April 13 to May 8, 2017. Hope everyone will come out to help with the installations and meet the artists.
以下是「2017成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫」的藝術家和提案的介紹。藝術家們將在 4/13 ~ 5/8 進駐成龍村,歡迎大家一起出來幫忙藝術家完成作品,順便和藝術家聊聊天。

Annechien Meier & Gert-Jan Gerlach – Netherlands(荷蘭)

Annechien and Gert-Jan from Holland are working together as a team since 2014 and have formed a foundation called Laboratory for Microclimates with the aim to encourage people’s thinking about their own vicinity and dealing with the effects of climate change. Their proposed artwork for the Cheng Long art project is called “Microclimate Life Line”, and it will be a giant irregular line that goes out into the wetlands with a bamboo framework filled with the green algae (seaweed) that grows in the Cheng Long Wetlands every spring. Some people gather this algae to eat, and it usually disappears during the summer. This artwork of all natural and biodegradable materials will change over time with the algae turning white in the sun and still providing an interesting visual image in the wetlands and reminding people to take action, live with change.

來自荷蘭的雙人組Annechien和Gert-Jan 在2014年創立了「微氣候實驗室」,希望鼓勵人們留意身邊的環境,因應氣候變遷的課題。他們為成龍村發想的提案叫做「微氣候生命線」,以竹子為骨架,做成一個又大又彎曲的線條,上面鋪滿海藻,從陸地一路延伸到濕地裡。這種海藻(石蓴)在每年四月的成龍溼地很常見,有人會收集作為食物原料,但通常到了夏天,石蓴就會消失。這件作品是用自然和生物可分解的材料製作而成,因此也會隨著時間而變化,像是海藻經過日曬顏色會變白,在濕地裡看起來又是一番不同風景,提醒大家:愛行動,愛改變!

Inga Shalvashvili – Georgia(喬治亞)

Inga is from the country of Georgia on the Black Sea at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. She is a children’s book illustrator as well as a sculptor.  Inga will create a sculpture installation that she hopes will bring a little magic to the wetlands, much like the old custom of making sounds across the mountains in Switzerland and Europe. The sculpture will be made of bamboo and perhaps recycled pipes and be in a circular sun-like form so that people can go inside and make sounds through the pipes in all directions. The action of singing, speaking, whistling or even shouting will cover Cheng Long with its mystic energy wave for a year or more. Inga says that she believes building up the trust in a community and giving people a personal space to act, somehow might be a step to changes.


Piotr Wesolowski – Poland(波蘭)

Piotr is from Poland in Europe, and he is trained as an architect and makes sculptures  that he calls “Ephemeral Space Arrangements”.  Piotr will be coming to Taiwan for the second time having created a sculpture in 2016 at the Keelung International Marine Environment Art Project. In Cheng Long Piotr will create a sculpture of bamboo and natural materials called “Follow” which gives the idea of a large undefined creature moving forward and inviting people to follow and make changes to live better with the environment. The construction is also a kind of shelter that protects people in the journey, and visitors can walk inside and around the artwork. He hopes this artwork will stimulate imagination, and it is a blend of sculpture and architecture to generate new feelings of space and dimension.


Rob Mulholland – UK (Scotland)(英國/蘇格蘭)
Rob is from Scotland in the UK, and he will create a large sculpture in the wetlands titled “Delicate Balance” about the relationship between people and their natural environment. He has done many public art sculptures in the UK, USA, Russia, Korea and other countries in Europe.  His artwork uses a cube shaped form representing an architectural intervention, inorganic and controlled, in the landscape. The artwork represents a state of change, and the center of the cube is visually disintegrating. In this artwork he is celebrating change and inviting nature to assist in the eventual re-shaping of the artwork that is made from bamboo and other natural biodegradable materials.


Hui-Ying Tsai 蔡慧盈– Taiwan(台灣)
Hui is from Taipei, Taiwan, and now living in New York City, USA. She is excited to come home to Taiwan again to participate in this project and create her proposed artwork titled “Habitation No. 4 (Cradle)” that is part of an ongoing series of sculpture installations about the concept of home and creating habitat in the local environment. The sculpture sited in the wetlands is in the shape of a crescent moon that will gently rock in the water like a cradle. Part of it is above water providing habitat for the birds, and part is below water to provide habitat for fish and other water creatures. The “cradle” will be made of bamboo and natural materials, and the upper part of the sculpture will have many bird nests made of shells and natural materials created by local participants.


Jane Liou 劉臻 – Taiwan(台灣)
Jane, now working in Taipei, Taiwan, will create a sculpture installation titled “Context” consisting of many houses forms placed to form a community, and some will be inside an old house near the wetlands and others outdoors on land near the wetlands. The “houses” will be made with bricks formed from mud/earth and straw/reeds (an ancient building technique for making houses and other structures). The bricks will be formed in recycled wood modules. Local participants will help to make the many “houses” needed for this installation. Jane’s installation will use all natural and biodegradable materials, and people will be able to observe the differences in the inside and outside installations and how nature changes both of them in different ways over time.


Cheng Long Villagers Team 成龍社區發展協會- Taiwan(台灣)

The Cheng Long villager’s team will make another artwork this year in Cheng Long Wetlands.  Last year you will remember that they created the big “bridge” artwork that is still there after repairs from the villagers.  The new artwork called “Reborn” will be located at the place where the 2015 artwork “Water Core” made by Germany/Switzland artist Roger used to be. “Reborn” refers to seeds sprouting from the core. The pattern of the work made from bamboo poles represents green buds making ways to reach for the sun, so the lines will sparkle in sunlight.  When showing its reflection in the water, the seed installation will altogether make a heart-shape image, symoblic of the villagers’ love for their own land. The ChengLong Community took actions out of love. They hope their homeland will be blessed forever in reward for everyone’s effort.


The artists are making plans now to come to Cheng Long, and they will each send a “Hello” message to Cheng Long children and the community that we will post on this Blog soon along with photos from the artists.


Take Action, Live with Change “愛行動, 愛改變”- 成龍國小三年級  李辰珊

We are happy to announce the following artists have been selected for the 2017 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project:

Annechien Meier & Gert-Jan Gerlach – Netherlands (荷蘭)

Inga Shalvashvili
– Georgia(喬治亞)

Piotr Wesolowski
– Poland(波蘭)

Rob Mulholland
– UK (Scotland)(英國/蘇格蘭)

Hui-ying Tsai
  蔡慧盈 – Taiwan(台灣)

Jane Liou
  劉臻 – Taiwan(台灣)

Cheng Long Villagers Team
 成龍社區發展協會- Taiwan(台灣)

Thank you again to the 180 artists from 55 different countries that applied this year. We enjoyed reviewing all the proposals, and it was a very difficult job to select only 7 from so many good proposals. We hope many of you will try again next year.

Keep looking at the Blog to see the artworks created this year in Cheng Long Wetlands for the theme of “Take Action – Live with Change”. 2017 will be the 8th year of this art project in Cheng Long Wetlands, Taiwan, and this year we will welcome the artists to Cheng Long from April 13 to May 8. We are hoping for a great year with many interesting artworks and lots of enthusiasm from the community and the elementary school children in Cheng Long.

In a few days we will put more information about the 2017 artists on the Blog soon.

In the next few days I will be sending emails to all the artists who sent a proposal. Thanks again to all the artists who entered.

The selection of only 6 artists for the 2017 Cheng Long Wetlands International Art Project is taking longer than expected because we have so many good proposals.  We are sorry for the delay, but we expect to announce the selected artists on February 23 instead of on February 20 as originally planned.

Thank you for your patience, and keep looking here at the Blog for the announcement on February 23.  Jane will also write emails to all who entered to let them know the results.

Thanks again for your interest in this environmental art project in Cheng Long, Taiwan.

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