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HELLO from Firman – 2011 Cheng Long Artist from Indonesia

Aga kareba! (In the Buginese language that means “How are you!”)

I was born in Bone, one of the city districts in South Sulawesi-Indonesia. Indonesia is a large country consisting of 17,000 islands. The five major islands are Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi and Papua, and also there is the island of Bali, known as a paradise of the world. In Indonesia, there are 300 ethnic languages and many traditional cultures. I grew up in the Bugis culture (Buginese). The Buginese tribe inhabits the peninsula of southern Sulawesi; they are a tribe of merchants and sailors who are very famous in the archipelago. The Buginese sailed to Australia in Darwin looking for sea cucumbers, and they also sailed to Madagascar in Africa with a boat called Phinisi and also Paddewakkang. The Buginese have an ancient alphabet that is named Lontarak Bugis. The Buginese have ancient writings including the longest epic in the World (longer than the Mahabharata manuscript) The manuscript’s name is Sureq I La Galigo.
I will come to stay in Cheng Long to work together with the community and children in making a presentation called “Spiral Cheng Long.” My installation work of “Spiral Cheng Long” is a nautical spirit of beach and marine life for human beings.

Tabeq(Tabeq is a Buginese greeting to people with high respect).

Best Wishes!

Aga kareba!   (這是印尼布吉語,意思是「你好嗎?」)

我出生在印尼南蘇拉維西島的朋尼市。印尼這個國家是由17000多個小島所組成,其中五個最主要的島嶼是:蘇門答臘、加里曼丹、爪哇、蘇拉維西和巴布亞,另外還有一個島嶼叫做「巴里島」,就是大家所熟知的渡假天堂。印尼國內有大約300個種族及方言,每個種族都有不同的傳統文化。我是屬於布吉斯族的,布吉斯族主要居住在南蘇拉維西島,我們的族人是天生的航海家及商人,很早就航海到澳洲西北部達爾文港一帶去尋找海參,也曾搭乘傳統比尼西船(Phinisi)航行至南非的馬達加斯加。布吉斯族有自己傳統的文字,稱作「Lontarak Bugis」,布吉斯族也有古典文學著作,世上最長的史詩就是其一,這份手稿名為「加利哥的故事」(甚至比用印度梵文寫成、描述偉大的婆羅多王後裔的「摩訶婆羅多」史詩還古老)。我在成龍將要和孩子及社區居民一起完成的創作名為「迴轉成龍」,我想用這件作品展現討海人及航海家的精神。

Tabeq! (這是布吉斯人給德高望重之人最深的祝福用語)

(以下是Firman曾經帶學生進行的葉子工作坊, 看起來很有趣吧!)

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