Posted by: QQmei | March 29, 2018

來自藝術家的問候>> Myriam say Hello to Children

Hello! I’m very happy to come back to Chenglong to meet you again.

When I went to Chenglong in 2010, it was the first time that I went abroad and to Asia. All was very nice.  當我2010年到成龍的時候,那是我第一次出國,也是第一次到亞洲,整個經驗非常棒。

It was my first environmental art project, but it was always very well-organized, and we were all very welcomed by the children, by the school, by the volunteers, the organizers, and everybody in Chenglong. I keep an excellent memory of the food. It was so nice.

So, I can’t imagine how it will be now, because I don’t know if it’s 9…projects, I think? But I am sure it will be very well, will be worth of it.

Since I came to Chenglong, I have made many art projects. I made some of them in France, one in Germany, and I went five times again in Asia, one time in South Korea, one time China, and two times in India. In these countries, I made art projects with earth and recycled glass bottles. I made shelters. I wanted to show we can build with materials good for health and sustainable materials. It is better for people…

When I came to Chenglong for the first time, my children were teenagers. It was not very easy for me. But now they are young adults. It’s easier.

I’m very excited to come back. I’m sure I will do a good work together, and we will have fun together. So, see you soon! Bye~


  1. I look forward to seeing Myriam again.

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