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來自藝術家的問候>>Hello Message from Nobuyuki & Ayaka

Soulangh Cultural Park

Nobuyuki & Ayaka in front of their artwork at Madou, Tainan 杉原信幸和中村綾花於麻豆糖廠的作品前合影 (photo by Rich John Matheson.)

Hello, everyone,
I am Nobuyuki Sugihara. We live in Omachi city, Nagano Prefecture, in the center of Japan where the northern Alps are found.  Nagano has so much snow in the wintertime. There is snow outside as I am writing this message now. And the snow in the Japanese Alps is very beautiful.

We live by the lake Kizakiko, and I am planning the Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival every summer. Lee Kuei-Chiha, artist you know from Taiwan, joined also this Festival.Because there are mountains, forests and lakes, the summer is very cool.


Lake Kizakiko

Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival

This is the reed ship made for Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival in wintertime by Lake Kizakiko several years ago. 這是數年前“信濃國原始感覺藝術節”的作品之一

And, I am also traveling to various places to make my artworks with natural materials. Recently I am making the ship shape with shells. I stayed about 6 months and made the ship of shells in Tainan and Taipei and Hualien last year. At that time I learned about the traditional ancient cement 三合土 in Taiwan.

I think we will make the ship of shells with Taiwanese traditional ancient cement in Chenglong. And I would like to think about and make Chenglong products using shells together with people in Chenglong.

Nobuyuki worked in Guandu

Nobuyuki worked in Guandu.

I like Taiwanese food and culture. I am very much looking forward to meeting and learning about Chenglong culture. Please join us in creating art together. And since we want to learn Chinese, please also teach us Chinese.


From Ayaka Nakamura   來自Ayaka的問候

Ayaka's working scenery

Ayaka is sewing hat.

Hello everyone, I am always traveling and living in different places recently, while making Sugihara’s work together.

My sewing machine always travels with me, and I will sew hats. It is a very good feeling for me to sew the cord of the hat while thinking about the shape of the fruit and the soft line of the body. And I have also remade old kimonos and made clothes well before.
在旅行時,我總是帶著我的縫紉機,創作各式各樣的帽子。 當我在車縫帽子時,我會想像著各種水果的造形及身體柔軟的曲線。我以前也會改造舊和服,創作新衣服。

This time we will sew shells and put them together to make bags. I would also like to create other nice things together with the Chenglong community.

Ayaka's hats

Ayaka’s hats 各式各樣Ayaka做的帽子

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