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Sunday, April 13 Art Project Activities

On this day the artists and volunteers traveled by car to some other sites in Yunlin County.  ImageWe visited a solar farm to learn more about solar energy in Taiwan because one of the 2014 artists, Joaquin, from Argentina, will be creating an art installation using wind and solar power to provide some electricity and fresh water for the fish farmers at one of the fishing huts.  At the solar farm in Yunlin County we saw lots of power being generated by huge sheds covered with solar panels, and underneath the solar paneled roof they are growing vegetables!

After a wonderful lunch of healthy food at the solar farm, we traveled to another nearby city in Yunlin County to visit with a bamboo master so that the artists could learn some techniques for working with bamboo from a local mater craftsmen.  This photo shows the master explaining how a chair he is making from bamboo is structured and put together.  Many of the foreign artists have not used bamboo so much, but in Taiwan it is probably the most available natural material and very versatile for building sculptures.  It is also a sustainable material as it grows quickly.  The artists have also gathered some recycled bamboo from the beach near Cheng Long to use for their artworks.  I think all of the artists this year except Thierry wlll be using some bamboo for their artworks.  


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Artists meet the Cheng Long Elementary School Children and Teachers


On Friday April 11 the artists and volunteers went to Cheng Long Elementary School to meet the students that will work with them to create the 2014 art installations at the Cheng Long fishing hut area.  Here you can see the artists having tea with the school principal.  

The students presented a special program for the artists; the lower grades performed an English alphabet song, and the older children played some recorder songs.  The artists introduced their country to the students, and here you can see some children with Katie, the artist from UK, trying to find her country on the globe.  Image 

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2014 Cheng Long Art Project Begins!

The 2014 artists for the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project arrived in Cheng Long village, Yunlin County, Taiwan yesterday, April 10.  The 6 artists for 2014 came from

Argentina – Joaquin Fargas…..he wins the record for the longest distance traveled!

from Europe – Thierry Godet, originally from France but now living in Berlin, Germany and Maurice Meewisse from the Netherlands and Katie Surridge from London, UK

from USA – Kathy Bruce arrived from New York City

from Taiwan – LaLa Wang arrived from Taipei

This photo shows some of the artists arriving by car from the Chiayi High Speed Rail Station and being greeted by the volunteers for our project that come from all over Taiwan.  The volunteers and artists spend 25 days in this small fishing village in southwest Taiwan to make environmental art installations, this year on the theme of “Fishing for a Better Environment.”Volunteers greet and meet artists2719










This photo shows the volunteers already starting to work, having a training meeting just before the artists arrive in Cheng Long village.

Volunteer meeting I hear there will be  a special game this year for the children in Cheng Long Elementary School who will also be helping the artists!  Each artist has a class to work  with, and the special game is to encourage the children to spend more time helping their artist and win a prize at the end of this 25 day residency for the artists in Cheng Long village.

Watch here for updates!   We are going to try and post a couple of photos each day to show you how the artists are progressing and what is happening with the 2014 Cheng Long art project.

The photos are taken by my husband, Timothy S. Allen, and he too is enjoying the Cheng Long art project this year and meeting the artists and volunteers.


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HELLO to children from Joaquin

Hello boys and girls,

Mi name is Joaquin Fargas, I was born in Argentina a country in South America, very far from Cheng Long.
我的名字是Joaquin Fargas。我出生於南美洲的國家阿根廷,離成龍村非常的遙遠。

When I was a Kid I like to explore the sourroundings playing with everything I find and making experiments.

Now, I’ve been working on Art, Science and Technology for long time.

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I’ m concern about the environment and most of my projects are about making art works for the awareness on climate change, sustainability of our planet and the future of the human being. I love working with children doing workshops, making things together, sharing our creativity. Also conducted workshops for adults regarding alternative energies, construction of solar ovens and more.

I have four children, they are grown ups. I have a pet, a cat called wifi, as he is wireless.

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Because of my work I visited all the continents of the planet, including Antarctica.

I look forward to seeing you in Cheng Long and learn about your culture, I hope I will speak at least some words in chinese after leaving your country.

Joaquin testing ideas for the Cheng Long project Joaquin在測試成龍溼地藝術計畫的提案,各位鄉親最近家裡有大寶特瓶的請留著喔~清明後就可以給Joaquin用了!!

Joaquin testing ideas for the Cheng Long project


Best wishes


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Hello to Children from Thierry

Dear children from Cheng-Long!

When I was living in Sweden I started to make my own bread because my oldest son Linus couldn’t eat the bread from the bakery.

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When I came to Germany about 20 years ago I was asked to lead a bread project with teenagers and inhabitants from the north of the city. We first build a baking oven to bake breads, pizzas, cakes or “artistic” breads; 4-5 times a year; at X-mas, Easter, for summer etc.

But I was not satisfied with the oven we had, so I tried to construct ovens myself.

Since then, I have built about 25 larges ovens and several small ones: ovens for a festival, for one day; ovens for baking or just for playing with the elements, fire, smoke, flames, and earth. As there is a lot of forest in the city with plenty of wild boars, I started making baking ovens for cooking boars.

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But until today I have never made an art project like I want to do with you in Cheng-Long. So I’m really excited for what is coming out in these weeks working together.

Tools we need for mud. We also will need some cooking tools. 我們會需要用來鏟土的工具。我們也會需要一些廚具。

Tools we need for mud.
We also will need some cooking tools.

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Hello to Children from LALA

Hello everyone ~
I‘m  Yen-Chen,Wang, and you can call me Lala.My hometown is Tainan City,Taiwan. Tainan has a lot of beautiful old houses and great cuisine, as well as a strong human touch.  if you have free time please come to Tainan!

My family has five people. I usually call my father Wang Dong and my mother is Dong Niang.  My parents run a tempura factory in Tainan. Our tempura tastes really good so I like to introduce our tempura to new friends. I hope Wang Dong can visit Chenglong when he has free time, so that you can eat our tempura . I have a brother and a sister.  We were always quarreling with each other as children, but today our relationship is good. I also have a cat named Lisha.

My job is art education- planning and execution. I like to design interesting courses for children, and through the course, I often get inspiration from children.  For me children are just like artists, but adults often forget this …

DSCN9812 IMG_9798

This time I will use some recycled materials, such as fabrics, caps, feed bags , etc., to create a lot of flowers and make a great gift onto the fishing hut.  To do this I will really need everyone’s help!!!

拉拉 Lala

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Hello from Maurice to children

Dear children of Cheng Long,
My name is Maurice Meewisse and I am an artist from the Netherlands. It will be a pleasure for me to come and work with you and hopefully we can build something beautiful.
我的名字是Maurice Meewisse,我是來自荷蘭的藝術家。能夠來到成龍村和你們一起工作將是我的榮幸,希望我們能夠做出美麗的作品。

Maybe a little bit of background information about the name of my country might be useful: The official name is ‘Kingdom of the Netherlands’, but we always just say ‘the Netherlands’ and some people call it ‘Holland’. And then there is one other strange thing: in English somebody from my country is called ‘Dutch’.
或許先向大家介紹一些有關我的國家的背景資料,會有點幫助: 荷蘭的官方正式全名是「Kingdom of the Netherlands」(尼德蘭王國, 原文即有”低窪之國”的意思),不過我們大多時候只說「Netherlands」(尼德蘭),也有些人稱它為「Holland」(荷蘭, 但其實這只是指尼德蘭王國的某一區域)。另外,還有一件奇怪的事 : 在英文裡,我們荷蘭人則被稱作「Dutch」(音似”德意志”)

There is a saying about the Dutch: ‘God made the world, but the Dutch made the Netherlands’. They say this because a big part of the Netherlands lies below sea level and is protected by dikes, and other parts of the country used to be sea that we turned into land. The Dutch started these kind of works already over a thousand years ago with simple raised pieces of land for farms, to protect them from floods. Over the years there came more of those and they got connected to each other and the first dikes were created. This got a bit out of hand and now over half the country is below sea level behind dikes. This kind of work is the main source of inspiration for my art. I then take up the role of the working man myself or use it to make sculptures.

In Cheng Long I want to give something back to the working man, which in this case is the fisherman. I start with finding huts that need repair work and I will fix them as good as I can. Next to this I want to build a folly, made with ‘copies’ of the repairs. The different parts, walls, a roof, a door and windows will be put together and form a hut. All the parts will probably not fit perfectly together, but will form a beautiful hut, which can be used as a playhouse, a place to have a barbecue or simply to be enjoyed as a sculpture. With this work I hope that you want to help me.

Maybe I should tell you something about me. I am 35 years old and married to a beautiful Danish wife, Lise, for already 2.5 years. Together we live in Rotterdam, which is the largest harbour in Europe. We have a nice house on the 2nd floor, where we have an animal walking around, that should (but doesn’t) answer to the name ‘Youssouf’.

圖片 001Guess which one is Youssouf and who is Lise ;-)
猜猜看誰是Youssouf,誰是Lise  ;-)

They asked me to also teach you a little bit Dutch, so here I have some dutch words that could come in handy:
早安 – goede morgen
你好 – hallo
謝謝 – dank je wel
請  – alstublieft

The longest dutch word is: ‘Hottentottententententoonstelling’
But you don’t have to say that.
最長的荷蘭單字是 :” Hottentottententententoonstelling”

And we always tell foreigner to say ‘Scheveningen’.
我們也常教外國人說”Scheveningen”這個字 (音”席凡尼根”,荷蘭著名的海灘渡假聖地)

Below I added a picture of myself in my studio, and yes, I am two meters tall!

圖片 000

快速上升 – tot snel!
(應該是英文see you later”再見”之意, 但Maurice應該是透過翻譯軟體直譯中文為”快速上升”!!)


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Hello from Katie to Children


Hello everyone,  
My name is Katie Surridge.
大家好,我的名字是Katie Surridge。
I am from England, and I live in the capital city, London. 
I am 28 years old. You can see a picture of me in my studio…its very full!!!
I have one little sister called Sophie, and she is 26.  
My mum and dad are called Sally and Stuart and they love travelling.
I am engaged to Chris, we are planning on getting married next year.
You can see a picture of him being silly with our pets! 
Our dog is nine, and her name is Bailey.
Our rat is called Liz, she is still only a baby.
I make sculptures and I enjoy working in wood and metal.
I can’t wait to come and meet you all and make some art work with you all at Cheng Long.
I shall be teaching you how to make mosaics which we will used to decorate one of the fishing huts in your village.
See you soon

Today is a busy day. Jane and Tim came to Chenglong in the afternoon. We went to see the fishing huts and talked to the school principal. Then we have meeting about children’s program, fish farming and VOLUNTEERS!!! Finally, we make our decision and below is the list of 2014 selected volunteers!!

早上依然忙著和許多報名的志工接洽 (就想再聽聽大家的聲音嘛!!), 下午策展人Jane和先生Tim來到成龍村, 大家一起會勘了藝術家可能會用到的魚寮, 然後到學校和校長老師們聊了一下各班藝術家的分配及課程, 不小心就傍晚了. 接著大偵探們終於有時間可以團聚, 好好地把所有”進入決選的”志工資料再看過一次, 期間為了保持即將爆炸的頭腦客觀冷靜, 還穿插了辦公室整頓、住宿空間清點、魚塭工作報告、晚餐、藝術家參訪行程搜查、給小朋友的各國介紹……. (看得出來, 大偵探一直在迴避要作取捨的這件功課吧!!!)

終於,夜深了,  以下是2014獲選的志工名單 :

另外, 我們也在此歡迎北京”自然之友”的伙伴張冬青, 前來參與及交流!
以及, 最棒的是, 今年我們得到更多雲林在地年輕朋友的支持, 出人出力又出車 : 歡迎黃怡錚、葉曜彰加入一定會犧牲奉獻比別人多更多的”在地志工”行列!!!
此外, 也歡迎蚶仔寮的宛增, 有空就出來找我們玩喔!!! ;-)

(這樣算是選了8個, 還是11個…或12個呢?? …… 請大家自行評斷吧!!!)

今夜的海口  風雖然呼呼地吹   但沒有想像中冷呢~ :-)

也希望沒有在名單上的朋友, 不要心碎, 大家真的都很棒呀!! 而且從電話裡聽到大家對來參與活動的期待, 真的覺得好溫暖喔! 歡迎大家有空來給我們探班, 並請持續鎖定我們的部落格, 關心成龍溼地的發展!!

祝大家   晚安囉!!!!

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HELLO from Kathy to children

1. Kathy01

Hello everyone! I am Kathy Bruce, an environmental artist from New York City.My sculptures are a response to the natural environment. They are normally built out of organic sustainable materials such as bamboo and raffia.
大家好!我是來自紐約的環境藝術家Kathy Bruce。我的雕塑是一種對自然環境的回應,他們通常都是用有機、永續性的素材所做成的,像是竹子和拉菲草。

I live with my husband Alastair Noble, also an artist, and our 13 year old son, Stuart. We also have two cats, Massone (the orange one) and Rien (the white one).
我和同為藝術家的丈夫Alastair Noble,以及13歲兒子Stuart住在一起。我們還有兩隻貓 : 橘貓Massone和白貓Rien。

During the school year we live in our apartment in downtown Manhattan near the WorldTradeCenter and the BrooklynBridge.  In the summers we spend time in the country and usually travel to many locations where we build outdoor sculptures in natural settings.

Probably like a lot of you, Stuart has many interests: he likes to play computer games, practice archery, go fishing and hiking in the country. He also LOVES sushi!

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When I’m not building art projects, I like to run, garden, read and listen to music.

I am excited about my upcoming project in the Cheng-Long wetlands and look forward to meeting you all soon.

Until then, cheers!
再會囉~  祝  好!


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