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徵件公告>> Announcing the 2015 Call for Proposals

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We are pleased to announce the 2015 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project will take place from April 9 – May 4, 2015. Proposals will be due by January 16, 2015.
我們很高興在此宣佈2015成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫, 將於2015年4月9日至5月4日舉辦. 即日起開始徵件, 至2015年1月16日止.

Artists from all over the world are invited to send a proposal for the 2015 art project in Cheng Long village, Yunlin County, Taiwan. 3 Foreign artists and 2 Taiwanese artists will be selected to create large-scale outdoor environmental art installations at public sites in the community and the wetlands working with children in the local elementary school, volunteers and villagers. The theme for 2015 is “Fragile – Handle With Care”, and for this 6th year of the international environmental art project we want to emphasize the fragility of the local and global environment facing such problems as global warming, rising water, soil salinization, water pollution and other environmental issues.
歡迎世界各地的藝術家踴躍提案, 我們預計從中選出3位國外藝術家及2位台灣藝術家,進駐成龍村,和成龍國小的學童.村民及志工們,一起在村內空地及溼地邊,共同完成大型的戶外裝置藝術. 2015年的主題是<易碎品–小心守護>, 我們想要強調的是在面對全球暖化,海平面上昇,土壤鹽化,水污染及其他環境議題時,區域及全球環境之脆弱.

For more information about Cheng Long and about the art project see the previous entries on this Blog and the environmental education website about Cheng Long at Artists with specific questions not answered after reviewing all the online material may contact the curator Jane Ingram Allen at
更多有關成龍村或藝術計畫的訊息, 請參見本部落格從前的貼文, 也可以至“成龍溼地三代班”的部落格, 了解觀樹教育基金會在成龍村執行的環境教育計畫. 如果您在閱讀過此二部落格後, 仍有問題未能獲得解答, 請與策展人艾婕音連絡:

Hope to see your Proposal soon!

Download the complete Call for Proposals here 下載徵件公告:
Call for Proposals – 2015 Chenglong Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.doc
Call for Proposals – 2015 Chenglong Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.pdf
徵件公告 — 2015 成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫.doc
徵件公告 — 2015 成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫.pdf

ps.>> the Curatorial Vision for the 2015 International Environmental Art Project will come very soon in the next post…..策展人對於本次藝術計畫提案的期待, 將在下篇部落格揭露,敬請期待!!


  1. I am Indian sculptor,Teaching from last 24 years.Practicing artist from last 25 years.Interested to work in symposium.Please convey as soon as possible.

    • Dear Pandeya,
      To apply for the 2015 Cheng Long Wetlands art project, all you have to do is send the documents and images as listed on the Call for Proposals before the January 16 deadline. Here is the short form of the Call. You can also see the entire Call for proposals on the Blog at
      Artist in Residency/Call for Proposals)
      2015 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project in Taiwan
      Artists from all countries are invited to send a proposal for a large-scale site-specific outdoor environmental sculpture installation to be created during a 25-day residency in Cheng Long, a small coastal village in southwest Taiwan, working with elementary school students, residents and volunteers. The selected artists will receive an artist’s fee of US$2,000, airfare, accommodations and meals; for more information visit
      Theme for 2015: “Fragile – Handle with Care”
      Residency in Cheng Long, Taiwan: April 9 – May 4, 2015
      Deadline for Entries: January 16, 2015
      To Apply: Send the following to Curator, Jane Ingram Allen at Proposals in Chinese to Ms. Chao-Mei Wang at
      1. Description of proposed sculpture including dimensions and materials (limit one page, sent as attached .doc or .pdf file).
      2. Artist Statement about how your art relates to the theme and including your experience working with children and communities and how you will involve them in your artwork (limit 1 page sent, as attached .doc or .pdf file).
      3. Sketch of your proposed artwork (attached .jpg file of less than 1 MB).
      4. 6 images of previous related works (6 attached .jpg files, each less than 1 MB)
      5. Image list about the 6 images, including title of work, date made, materials used and location of the artwork (sent as attached .doc or .pdf file)
      6. CV or Resume (sent as attached .doc or .pdf file) including present address, nationality, education, awards, residencies and exhibitions.

  2. An artist asked about sending a proposal for a mural, banners or similar art forms. It is okay to send a proposal for mural artworks or banners. Remember though that all artworks will be outdoors and use natural or recycled materials and should last for one year or more.
    Thank you,
    Jane Ingram Allen, Curator

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    • Thanks so much, Chris, and hope we get lots of good applications this year for the 2015 Cheng Long art project.
      Best wishes,
      Jane Ingram Allen, Curator

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